22nd Annual Nursing Symposium

Where Innovation Meets Compassion

Join us for a transformative experience centered on the communities we serve, the profound connections we forge, and the positive change that becomes possible when innovation and compassion converge. This symposium is more than an event; it's a celebration of the dedicated nurses who embody the spirit of care, pushing boundaries to make a lasting impact. Explore the dynamic intersection of cutting-edge innovation and unwavering compassion, and witness how these elements shape the future of nursing. Together, let's inspire, connect, and embrace the limitless potential for positive change in healthcare.

Cost (In-Person):
General Registration - $110.00
Employees/Students - $40.00

Cost (Virtual):
General Registration - $80.00
Employees/Students - $40.00

Registration Deadline, Changes and Cancellations: 
Early registration deadline is April 19th. A late fee of $25 will be added to all in-person registrations made after April 19th.

Transfers between virtual and in-person will pay the registration fee difference. If this change is made after April 19th, the $25 late fee will apply. Transfers from in-person to virtual will not receive any reimbursement. A late fee will not be applied to any transfers from in-person to Virtual.

The registration fee, less $25, will be refunded if you choose to cancel on or before April 19th. Cancellations made after April 19th will not be refunded.

Call Sanford LEAD Center (701) 417-4802 or (800) 437-4010.

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