Fresh Start Surgical Gifts Informational Session

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts Informational Session

Sanford Children’s is teaming up with Fresh Start Surgical Gifts to transform the lives of children through the gift of reconstructive surgery.

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts is a nonprofit that offers reconstructive surgeries to qualifying children at no cost to families.

To be eligible, a patient must meet all three requirements:

  1. Be under 18 years old
  2. Have a condition caused by birth defects, an accident, abuse or disease that requires plastic or reconstructive surgery
  3. Be uninsured, under-insured or face significant financial hardship paying for treatment

Learn more about who’s eligible for medical treatments through Fresh Start Surgical Gifts.

If eligible, a patient must be screened virtually or in-person to ensure they are a good candidate for surgery.

Screening Events

Sanford Children’s offers free in-person informational sessions to families interested in learning about the program and its criteria. Screening criteria provided by Fresh Start Surgical Gifts will be used to identify potentially qualifying patients.

More Information

  • Photos and medical records may be documented with the patient’s authorization.
  • Assistance in English and Spanish is available.
  • There is no cost to attend the session.
  • General medical care will not be offered at this screening event.

Call (605) 312-6064 for virtual options.

Patients or families do not need to wait to learn more and apply for screening. They can do so any time by calling (605) 312-6064 or filling out the form below.

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