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Wound Care Services

The Wound Care Center in Bismarck offers services for both inpatient hospital care and outpatient care. Our center has a dedicated staff that is certified in wound and ostomy care. We continually strive to improve the health and wellness of our patients.

Ostomy Services

Ostomy Services

The Wound Care Center provides support for individuals who, because of disease or injury of the digestive system or urinary tract, have needed an ostomy operation. An ostomy is an opening in the abdominal wall for waste products to move out of the body. Patients undergoing ostomy surgery, whether temporary or permanent, can require intensive physical and emotional care to return to their normal daily lives.

Services include:
  • Pre-surgical counseling, teaching and site marking for individuals considering or planning ostomy surgery
  • Post-surgery teaching and appliance fitting
  • Treatment of skin irritation around the ostomy
  • Re-assessment yearly and as needed
  • Refitting and updating with the newest ostomy products available
Conditions treated include:

  • Colostomies
  • Ileostomies
  • Urinary diversions
  • Fistulas/tubes

Benefits of Wound Care

Benefits of Wound Care

Patients will experience numerous benefits including:

  • Accelerated healing
  • Continuity of care throughout all healthcare settings
  • Increased comfort
  • Decreased length of hospital stay
  • Access to the most current technology available
  • Decreased complications
  • Prevention of extended and/or permanent disability
  • Coordinated education for both the patient and family
  • Lower costs

Living with an Ostomy

When you have to undergo an ostomy, you may face a number of complex lifestyle challenges. Your concerns may be about the health and hygiene issues of caring for yourself. But you'll also have emotional and psychological concerns.