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We make every effort to put our patients at ease in our surgery center. Our team of skilled physicians and nurses provides a caring environment along with their precision and expertise. Thousands of surgical procedures, from minor surgeries to kidney transplants and open heart surgeries, are performed here each year.

Surgery can be frightening to family and friends. Our large, comfortable surgical waiting room is staffed by a nurse and dedicated volunteers who give you timely information on the status of the patient's condition.

We also have a Same Day Surgery program, with nearly 30 years of experience caring for patients. For many procedures, you can undergo surgery in the morning and return home the same day, reducing both the expense and the inconvenience of an overnight hospital stay. Our concerned staff offers positive, upbeat care and comfort to patients, complete with take-home instructions and a follow-up phone call the next day to help you feel confident and secure about a successful recovery at home.