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Pediatric Rehabiliatation Services

Comprehensive Care

Sanford Children’s Therapy provides a collaborative effort of our occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech/language therapy teams. Our highly trained and experienced therapists work with chldrenb ages birth to 21 years of age with a variety of medical, developmental and/or behavioral conditions. Our goal is to enable children to reach their highest level of functional independence for all activities. Common diagnoses we treat include:

Free Screens

If you have concerns about your child’s development, Sanford Children’s Therapy offers free screenings to check a variety of possible problems.  Free Screening can be requested by anyone and are scheduled for only 20-30 minutes to address a specific concern or skill.  There is no order or prescription for therapy required and there is no charge for this session unless a more comprehensive evaluation becomes necessary. 

Occupational therapy screening would include concerns related to fine motor skills, self-help skills, visual perception and sensory issues.

Physical therapy screening would include concerns related to gross motor skills, waling pattern, posture and foot position of a child. 

Speech therapy screening would include concerns related to the child’s voice and how they speak, stuttering, repeating words or sounds, coughing or choking when eating or drinking and how they interact or socialize with their peers.

Well Baby Clinic

The first Tuesday of each month an occupational or a physical therapist is available at the Well Baby Clinic to give your infant a free screen and discuss your infant’s development.  All babies through age one are welcome.  The clinic is located at Sanford Children’s North Clinic, 765 W. Interstate Ave., Bismarck.  For more information, call (701) 323-6596 or (800) 732-7126.

NICU Follow-Up Clinic

Infants born prematurely and hospitalized at Sanford Health are recommended to be followed periodically through the NICU follow-up clinic.  This includes occupational, physical and speech therapy providing a coordinated, collaborative assessment of the infant’s current skills/development and an opportunity to provide additional education related to development for the parents.  

Feeding and Swallowing/SOS Feeding

A comprehensive team approach is used to evaluate and treat your child’s feeding and swallowing challenges.  The program serves children from birth to 21 years of age.  The team can help identify medical, behavioral and/or developmental factors that may be contributing to eating, feeding and swallowing difficulties for your child. 


Therapists provide water-based therapeutic activities for children as a way of advancing their functional movements.  The warm-water pool allows muscles to relax so children can move and stretch more comfortably. 

Adaptive Equipment/Assistive Devices

Communication Devices

Wheelchair Assessments

Proper wheelchair fit is essential for optimal comfort, independence and health.  Therapist work with the physician and medical suppliers to provide a comprehensive wheelchair evaluation to help promote good posture and function, maximize mobility, minimize pain and prevent pressure sores.  

Sensory Integration

Berard AIT (Auditory Integration Training)

Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT) helps reorganized the brain to improve auditory and sensory processing.  The stimulation helps individuals better integrate and process auditory information.  Auditory and sensory processes issues are often associated with poor attention span, slower thinking and processing time, low tolerance for distractions and difficulty listening, understanding and remembering directions.  This is available for individuals ages 3 to adult.


Developmental Milestones

Choose an age group, and learn about the physical, mental and emotional milestones children should reach by that stage in their lives.