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Preparing for Baby

The thought of preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming. Sanford Women’s has options for you to learn in the ways that work best for you. From in-person classes to online, short summaries to booklets – we have the resources to help match any mom’s preferences for learning. Whether you prefer in-person or online classes, or short summaries or books, we have the resources to help match any mom's preferences for learning.

Birth Designers

Sanford Women’s wants to make our pregnancy and birth experience the best it can be, that is why we offer a birth designer to each mom-to-be at no cost.


In-person classes are great for moms and dads who like an interactive experience and that personal connection for education.

Online Education

Our online classes and materials are a great fit for a soon-to-be parent who likes to learn at their own time and pace.

Health Library

Our online health library is a resource to search and easily find information when you have questions.


We offer several classes and education specifically around breastfeeding.