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Caring For You

It's a real advantage to be able to choose from a group of highly skilled and experienced doctors who will work together to find the best approach for your unique health care concerns. Choosing a doctor from Sanford Obstetrics & Gynecology is the first step toward a long-term, comfortable partnership with your personal doctor.

How Our Team Can Help

When you choose a doctor from Sanford Obstetrics & Gynecology you open the door to a wide range of supportive programs and services within Sanford Health—like Sanford Birth Center, with specialized care for moms and babies along with a highly skilled neonatal intensive care team trained to handle normal and high risk deliveries—or the Sanford Women's Health Center, which is a fitness center designed to treat fitness as a lifetime process rather than an eventual outcome.

From adolescent health to pregnancy and fertility, from mid-life health issues to health concerns of elderly women, our team of women's health specialists is here to meet all your health care needs.




The Birth Center

At Sanford Birth Center, our philosophy of family-centered care offers women and their families a positive birthing experience.