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Sanford provides mammography imaging services to detect early changes in breast health. With low-dose X-rays, our trained mammography technologists capture images that detect lumps, changes in tissue or calcifications too small to be found by physical exam. Sanford radiologists read each mammogram and provide results to patients and referring physicians.

Our Advanced Technology

Two of the most important steps in breast health care are self-exams and mammography. While mammography remains the primary method of early detection, there are times when a mammogram is inconclusive for screening, such as in women with dense breast issue which can obscure lesions.

When further testing is needed, the iVu’s SOFIA™ Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound System can be used to acquire a 3D image of the entire breast in only five minutes per breast. The high quality of the image allows doctors to look more closely at a concerning area virtually.

Overall benefits:

  • Allows for more comfort and privacy for the patient with minimal technologist intervention
  • No radiation, compression or contrast injection
  • Decrease cost of overall exam
  • Average time takes only five minutes per breast

Sanford is one of only 13 in the U.S. to offer this life-saving technology.

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More about Mammograms

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The Mammogram Procedure

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