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CT scanner for heart, chest and lungs

CT Scanner

Saving Minutes Can Mean Saving Lives. When it comes to your heart and health, don’t take chances.

Sanford Health is home to the region’s most advanced CT scanner in Bismarck and Dickinson, ND. The CT Scanner, Aquilion ONE, provides detailed four-dimensional images of complete organs, like the heart and lungs. 

What does the CT Scanner mean for Patients with Heart issues? 
  • Less time on the CT table
  • Exposure to less radiation and contrast dye
  • Better visualization for physicians
  • Quicker diagnosis and treatment
Dynamic Imaging 
The Aquilion ONE CT uses 320 ultra-high resolution detection. This means that it dynamic enough to image an entire organ, like the heart. Plus, the imaging can show the organ's structure, movement and blood flow.

Using a conventional CT scanner, doctors may need to perform a series of tests to confirm a heart attack or stroke. Test results can take hours or even days. However, in 20 minutes, the Aquilion ONE is able to diagnose a heart attack or stroke. It can also gauge how badly tissue has been damaged so doctors can determine the proper treatment. This CT scanner not only saves time, but it also helps reduce or eliminate the risks of unnecessary invasive procedures.

Aquilion ONE's Dynamic Images Can: 
This CT Scanner can show how a widely-spread cancer is responding to a drug. This allows patients to create tailored treatments based on a patient's response.
The CT Scanner provides a real-time image of a heart beat to identify blockage within the organ
Monitor blood flow and oxygen levels in the brain to determine the risk of stroke.

Reduced Radiation

Diagnosing a heart condition can take hours and even days. Typically, patients undergo a multitude of tests to identify the problem, including EKGs, calcium studies, nuclear tests and catheterizations. Tests of this nature can take days to complete and expose the patient to significant radiation doses. With the Aquilion ONE, one exam gives doctors all the information they need to diagnose and treat the patient, with less exposure to radiation and contrast dye. 

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