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Our team of physicians and staff work together to provide education, hereditary cancer risk assessment, genetic counseling and testing, individualized cancer screening and proactive support for people who are concerned about their personal and family history of breast cancer.

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Edith Sanford Breast Center

We provide comprehensive care for every woman. From screening, treatment and survivorship to breast cancer research, our team of breast health experts is here every step of the way.

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Digital Mammography

Mammography is the best screening technology in the early detection of breast cancer. It allows breast radiologists to capture and manipulate the images so breast abnormalities can be seen more clearly.

3D Mammography

Low dose 3D mammography is the latest in breast cancer screening technology. While the traditional 2D digital mammography continues to be an effective way to screen for breast cancer, new FDA-approved 3D technology is revolutionizing the screening process.

What are the Risk Factors?

There are two kinds of risk factors- ones you can control, and ones you can’t. These risk factors may affect how you and your health care provider approach your breast health.