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Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is making decisions about the health care you would want to receive if you happen to become unable to speak for yourself and others may need to decide what treatments to undertake or forego. At Sanford Health in Bismarck, N.D., we are committed to delivering person-centered care because it improves our patients’ satisfaction and quality of life. 

What is Advance Care Planning?

Advance Care Planning provides information about your care preferences to health care providers, family members, and others involved in such decisions. These decisions are based on your personal goals, values, preferences, and conversations with your loved ones. By communicating your health care wishes, your Sanford health care provider can provide medical care consistent with your values and goals. In addition, your family members will not be forced to make decisions in a crisis with no guidance or direction.

The Respecting Choices® Model

The Bismarck ACP team embraces a comprehensive approach to advance care planning. The person-centered approach utilizes the Respecting Choices® model because it treats Advance Care Planning as a process and assumes that different kinds of planning are important at different times of life. The Respecting Choices® model is internationally recognized as an effective model with excellent outcomes and its effectiveness is well supported by evidence.

Certified ACP Facilitators are available to have Advance Care Planning conversations with individuals at different stages of health. These facilitators assist patients and families with making informed decisions in a timely manner to ensure the care that is delivered is consistent with a patient’s goals, values and beliefs. 

Discover What is Important to You

A successful Advance Care Planning process results in clear, well-considered care preferences that are honored. An ACP conversation is a critical part of a successful advance care planning process. Though written preferences are helpful, there is no substitute for others hearing your preferences, concerns, and values in your own words directly from you. A facilitated conversation leads you to decisions consistent with what is important to you.  Get started with an Advance Directive form:

For individual Advance Care Planning consultations with a Certified ACP Facilitator call (701) 323-1ACP or email