Snowboarding: Jordan's and Teddy's Journal

Jordan and her older brother, Teddy, are two of the best up-and-coming snowboarders in the United States. The super sibs each compete in five events: In the halfpipe, they're judged on the style and difficulty of the tricks they do. Boardercross is a race - everyone starts at the same time, and the obstacle-filled course includes tabletop jumps, rollers, and banked turns. In slopestyle, riders are scored on the tricks they do off huge jumps and differently shaped rails. The last two events, giant slalom and slalom, are races down a course set with gates.

Jordan and Teddy regularly medal at competitions, including the United States of America Snowboard Association nationals and the Junior World Championships in Italy. They've competed in the X Games and Jordan was named to the U.S. Snowboarding Team.

Find out how Jordan and Teddy got so good, what tricks they're working on, and why they inspire each other.

Sports Journal: Snowboarding

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