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Facing a Hip, Knee or Shoulder Replacement? Sanford’s Center for Joint Success Offers Total Care

Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine’s Center for Joint Success specializes in providing total care for hip, knee and shoulder replacement patients.

Take Heart South Dakota Initiative

In effort to increase sudden cardiac arrest survival rates, Sanford Heart Hospital has started a comprehensive statewide initiative, the first in the state, called Take Heart South Dakota.

Dare to Dream

Chris Brown trudged through the woods cutting dead trees and hauling logs. At 360 pounds, he was out of breath, his back ached and he was exhausted. What could he gain by losing?

Understanding Chemotherapy

Sanford Children’s Pediatric Oncologists are here to provide the latest in chemotherapy while minimizing side-effects as much as possible. Our pediatric cancer nurses and child life specialists are here to support each child and their family before, during and after treatment. What is Chemotherapy? Chemotherapy (often just called "chemo") re...

Dry Eyes? There’s Help!

Dry eye syndrome occurs when the tear glands do not produce enough tears, causing your eyes to feel itchy, scratchy, and irritated. If artificial tears don’t help, talk to your Sanford eye professional.

You Can Prevent Cervical Cancer

Most cervical cancers are attributed to two strains of the HPV virus – a sexually contracted disease that infects 80 percent of women by the age of 50. With preventative measures and regular screenings, most cervical cancers can be prevented.

Complete Care at Sanford Heart Hospital

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When You’re Ready for Baby, Sanford Women’s is Here for You

When you’re ready to welcome a baby to your life, Sanford Women’s provides preconception and genetic counseling, a variety of prenatal care options, reproductive medicine services and a range of classes to help you prepare for and manage your pregnancy.

Recurring Pain? Sanford’s Physical Therapists Are Here to Help

Physical therapists work in conjunction with Orthopedics & Sports Medicine physicians, athletic trainers and occupational therapists to help patients reduce pain, restore muscle and bone function, prevent injury and improve the quality of life after injury or illness.

Saving Justina

Six-month-old Justina Peters was quite likely to die from a rare bone disease when her Sanford Clinic Belize doctor made a connection with researchers for a new treatment that is helping her live.