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A Heart Saved by Screening

When Dave Wagner’s family dragged him to a heart screening test they saved his life. This active, healthy 66-year-old man was at a major risk for heart attack.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The mother-daughter team of Helen Nelson and Connie Schmidt have battled and survived breast cancer for years. The medical care that helped them? All close to home in Bemidji, Minn.

Back in the Game

Walking, traveling, working. Peggy Faust loves her active life. But what happens when agonizing joint pain gets in the way? Peggy turns to the team she knows.

Bald is Beautiful

What could a family hundreds of miles away do to support their beloved mom, mother-in-law and grandmother in her fight against breast cancer? The O’Meara family discovered inspiration in a clippers.

A Cancer Survivor Looks Back

When he was 18, Carl Sad expected a summer of building patios and shingling roofs. Instead he battled cancer. Today the 40-year-old looks back at the people and places that made a difference.

A Surprising Path to Pregnancy

For Nichole and John Truhlicka, the dream of a bigger family came to an unexpected halt. For reasons nobody knew, pregnancy simply didn’t happen. Where would they go to get the help they needed? Would it work?

Shyness and Smiles

An accidental gunshot victim -- and just 3 years old. What happened? What helped Laine Nicholls from Devils Lake, N.D., survive? Introducing our 2011 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion!

Finding Disease in a Young Heart

As an active mom who ate right and exercised on her lunch hour, Lorie Helgeson had no reason to think that she would have a heart attack. Paying attention to her symptoms and getting to a doctor saved her life.

Joy to the End

In a matter of days Judy Bergh went from being an active, working 60-year-old to being paralyzed in a hospital bed with a very aggressive form of cancer. Could anything make this difficult situation better?

Understanding Heart Disease Risk Factors

Some risk factors for heart disease you can control and some you cannot. To schedule a screening in Sioux Falls, SD contact us today.