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Facing a Hip, Knee or Shoulder Replacement? Sanford’s Center for Joint Success Offers Total Care

If your hip, knee or shoulder condition is causing you long-term pain and other treatment methods aren’t working, your physician may discuss the possibility of a hip, knee or shoulder replacement. While the idea of surgery may not be appealing, for many this is an effective solution. But it does require specialized care and rehabilitation services to help you heal and return to functioning as quickly as is safely possible.

Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine’s Center for Joint Success specializes in providing total care for hip, knee and shoulder replacement patients.

Through a team approach, we work with patients, their families and primary healthcare providers before, during and after surgery to coordinate care and ensure that patients have the support and environment they need to devote to healing. Our leading orthopedic surgeons and specialists use the latest in technology and techniques to shorten recovery time and provide the best in joint replacement care.

If you are considering a joint replacement, you’re not alone. At Sanford, our surgeons and rehabilitation teams have experience and expertise to ensure you get the best care for your joint replacement.

Talk to your physician to see how we can help you get back on your feet and moving easily again.

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Posted Date: February 2011