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Double Joy … Naturally

Wearing matching “Daddy’s Big Guy” onesies, Luke and Jacob Toyli wave their arms and grin. They love theirparents’ voices and animated expressions.

“Jacob’s more of a ham,” says mom Gloria.

“Luke’s the more serious one,” says dad Matt.

Healthy and thriving, the 8-week-old twins got their start with a low-intervention birth supported by the obstetrics team at Sanford Health Broadway Clinic, Alexandria, Minn.

“Natural childbirth was my preference, but I wasn’t opposed to medical intervention if necessary,” says Gloria. “Our goal was healthy babies.”

Partnering with a Certified Nurse Midwife

When an ultrasound last August showed twins, the Toylis had two reactions: shock and excitement.

“Twins were not on our radar,” says 32-year-old Gloria. “Right away I hoped a nurse midwife would still be an option. I had one with our third child and loved the laid-back, supportive approach.”

An appointment with Anne Gilbertson, Certified Nurse Midwife at Sanford, eased her mind.

“Anne was so reassuring and confident. It was contagious!” says Gloria. “I also appreciated how closely she worked with the OB/GYN doctors at Sanford.”

Gloria’s prenatal care followed well-established guidelines of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, plus more: longer appointments. That’s a key benefit in choosing a nurse midwife. Anne and Gloria had unhurried discussions about breastfeeding, risk factors in twin pregnancy and more.

“Gloria was phenomenal,” says Anne. “She took excellent care of herself throughout her pregnancy. That plus her birth history kept her in the low-risk category. I was also struck by the fact she was carrying 15 pounds of baby and never complained.”

Born at 39 weeks

As late pregnancy approached, Gloria and Matt knew labor induction might be needed.

“I wanted to carry the twins as long as possible, within reason,” says Gloria. “We knew the risk of complications could increase if I went past 39 weeks.”

A scheduled labor induction took place on March 4 at the hospital in Alexandria. Three hours later Luke arrived weighing 6 pounds, 15 ounces. Jacob followed at 8 pounds, 3 ounces. Because Jacob was breech, Anne worked closely with Dr. Shawn Severson, OB/GYN, to ensure a safe delivery.

“It was short and intense,” says Gloria, describing labor and birth. “Matt and Anne were there the entire time supporting me. I just kept deep breathing. By the end, I was feeding two babies at the same time in the delivery room.”

Gloria opted for no pain medication, which can cause mom to feel foggy and “out of it.” “It was nice to be able to be up and moving and to be able to shower shortly after the boys were born," she says.

Two days later Gloria and the twins went home.

Celebrating family

Majestic oaks line the winding dirt driveway to the Toyli’s white two-story home near Parkers Prairie. With hills for running and trees for climbing, the rural setting perfectly suits this family of seven, including 3-year-old Samuel, kindergartner Sarah and second-grader Aili.

“It’s been really fun to see the kids interact with each other,” says Matt.

For Gloria, a snapshot moment occurred the first week. “The girls would come home from school, run up the driveway, wash their hands and hold the babies. They’d hang out on the couch for hours and just snuggle. Pretty neat to see!”

Your journey

When you choose Certified Nurse Midwife services, you connect with extensive education, empowerment and a relationship of trust. And now available: HypnoBirthing and waterbirth.

“My philosophy is to let women know all their options, including the pros and cons, then let them decide,” says Anne. “I’m here to support their decisions and make their journey the best it can be.”

Call today for more information or to make an appointment at (320) 762-0399.

Posted Date: June 2013