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Camp Fuel


Dispel myths and media messages targeted at youth about nutrition, activity, body image and acceptance to promote a positive self image and understanding of how our bodies use the “fuel” we eat and burn.

What will they learn?

How to de-code messages they get from the media through interactive lessons, games and outings. Kids are faced with many messages daily about “health” from one extreme to the other; such as “the obesity epidemic,” anorexic models, fast foods, snack foods, interactive games, and clothing ads. During this camp they will de-code these messages with the facts they will learn about nutrition, activity and body image and they will create a positive media message to share with the community.

The Goals of Camp Fuel are:

  • Improve nutrition knowledge of portions, eating out and reading labels
  • Encourage behavior change to making healthier nutritional choices
  • Increase activity at all levels
  • Improve understanding of the importance of being physically active
  • Promote improved self esteem and body image
  • Use skills gained to make better decisions with media messages related to nutrition, physical activity and body image
  • Create a community wide health promoting media message
  • Have Fun!

What activities will they do?

  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • ICycling
  • Freeze tag
  • Frisbee golf
  • Relay games
  • Trips to the park and picnic lunches
  • Create a health promoting media message
  • Tour the Sanford Health USD Medical Center kitchen
  • Tour local media stations, such as KELO and Results Radio
  • Visit a local organic food grower
  • And much more!

Camp is organized and staffed by Sanford Wellness Center Exercise Specialist, Megan Koepp, and Registered Dietitian; Jocelyn Johnson.

Camp is generally held the 3rd week of June from 8:30- 4:00PM each day.
Cost for Camp: $100.00

Space is limited to 20 kids. As Camp Fuel lessons are similar each year we would encourage kids that haven’t attended before to register.

Click here to view our brochure.

Send payment & registration form to:
Sanford USD Medical Center
Jocelyn Johnson c/o Nutrition Services
1305 W. 18th Street, PO Box 5039
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5039

For more information call (605) 328-1505 or visit

Posted Date: September 2011