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Building for the Future

What will health care look like in 2016? 2036? 2056? And what kind of facility will accommodate it?

These tough questions drive the work of the Sanford West Steering Committee, a group of Sanford leaders that meets weekly to review plans, make changes and push forward.

“It’s our job to make sure we build the most appropriate facility that will take us into the future,” says Dr. Richard Marsden, senior executive vice president of clinic services, and the one physician on the committee.

His unique perspective includes 30 years in radiology -- a field where technology changes every 18 months. Early on he learned the importance of planning for flexibility, anticipating advancements and containing costs while adding value -- all principles that guide the new Sanford Medical Center.

But one principle comes before all others: “Every Steering Committee member knows this must be a facility that puts patients first,” he says. That means a fully integrated clinic and hospital that maximizes care-coordination and ensures access to the best technology. Sanford staff will see the difference in their daily work, but more importantly, patients and families will have a superior medical experience.

Philanthropy will continue to be key -- an important plus for Dr. Marsden and his wife, Beth. Strong supporters of the Foundation since 1996 when he joined Sanford, they recently gave a major gift to start an endowed breast cancer fund.

“Multiple members in our extended families have been affected by breast cancer,” he says. “This was something we could do to make sure our program continues to be first rate.”

And making sure the entire Sanford Medical Center of tomorrow is first rate? That’s the work of Dr. Marsden and the Steering Committee. Their leadership today will transform health care for patients, families and this region for generations to come.

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Posted Date: June 2012