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All A-Twitter About The Birth Place

Snug in his mother’s arms, little Calvin Kramer doesn’t know it yet, but most of his first moments have been shared with family and friends via Twitter.

Photos from his first bath, his first-ever night of trick-or-treating in a puppy costume or even just a quiet afternoon at home have been sent far and wide to friends on the social media site.

So it only made sense that when Calvin was born at The Birth Place on the night of Aug. 28, his family and friends had been following along for hours on Twitter as his parents got ready to welcome him into the world.

Under her Twitter handle @addiegraham, new mom Addie Graham-Kramer shared her anticipation and joy with over 400 followers throughout the day. And Sanford’s labor and delivery team were with her every step of the way.

“The Labor and Delivery team from @SanfordHealth is rockin! And it’s not the drugs talking either. These ladies are superb!” says her tweet from that night.

A tech-savvy family

Sliding her finger across the screen of her ipad, Addie gives Calvin a little kiss as he closes his eyes for a little nap. Tweeting comes as second nature to her and her family. In her position as a regional vice president at the American Heart Association, she relies on Twitter and social media sites to connect with others and spread the word about her non-profit agency.

For four weeks before Calvin’s birth, Addie had been on bed rest due to preeclampsia. During that time, her laptop and tablet were not only a way for her work from a home, but also a way to get information and share news about the latest news about the highly-anticipated baby.

“It was my way to stay in contact,” says Addie. “We have friends from the Napa Valley to the east coast. I couldn’t get out bed, but we could still keep people up to date about what was going on.”

The family had their first child, William, at Sanford three years earlier. The experience was wonderful, so when it was time for Calvin’s birth, Addie and her husband knew where they wanted to go. In fact, before she checked into the hospital, she asked a few questions via Sanford’s official twitter account, @SanfordHealth.

When it was time to go to Sanford to be induced for labor, they alerted their friends. One friend, who teased Addie about “live tweeting the whole process” created the hashtag #addieshavingababy, and soon the mom-to-be was tweeting what was happening step by step.

As Addie stayed the night, monitoring her blood pressure and waiting for the contractions to start, the staff at The Birth Place helped add to the fun. Much of the time was simply waiting, and she loved the nurses who came in to help make her as comfortable as possible throughout those hours of anticipation.

Like family

“The nurses were so nice and they had fun with it too. They couldn’t wait to see what I was going to tweet next,” she says. “We felt from the moment I came in that we were welcomed, like we were family.”

Addie even gained five new followers that evening, people who were waiting to hear about little Calvin’s birth. In fact, when she had gone two hours without posting anything, they began to get calls.

“At that point people began to wonder what was up,” she says, laughing as she walks slowly with little Calvin in her arms.

After months and months of waiting, Addie had four contractions and delivered her baby boy. Minutes later, they announced it, of course, on Twitter: Happy Birthday, Calvin David Kramer! Born at 7:03 pm and weighs 7lbs 3oz. Healthy as can be!” Soon friends were sending their congratulations with a new hashtag, #addiehadababy.

Sharing her story

Addie said she was glad to share his birth with friends far and wide and to tell people a little bit about The Birth Place.

“We were proud to have our baby at Sanford,” says Addie. “We wanted people to know what a good experience it was.”

Right now, the closest Calvin may come to tweeting is running his fingers across his mom’s computer tablet, but his parents are already anticipating the days he’ll want to log in. Like his three-year-old brother, Calvin already has been registered with his own Twitter handle.

“We’ll tell him about all of it someday,” she says, baby in one arm and laptop in the other. “People all across the country were waiting for him to be born at Sanford. What a great way to come into the world!”

Posted Date: November 2012