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Let's Celebrate Nurse's Week

Nurses Week is upon us and this week we’re uplifting five special caregivers as a way to symbolize everyone’s commitment to health and healing.

From Internal Medicine to Home Health Care, our nurses have seen, heard and experienced it all, yet they come to work ready and willing to treat our patients with compassion and humility.

This year, we’re celebrating five components of nurse care: advocacy, compassion, empathy, communication and optimism. We believe these words often define what it means to be a nurse day in and day out. While we showcase five nurses working in different service areas throughout Sanford, they are also a symbol of all the rest of our caregivers who selflessly give it their all each and every day.


Casey Leach, RN
Internal Medicine
2013 Daisy Award winner

“Every person can evoke change that is for the better and make a difference every day.”

For Internal Medicine Clinic lead and RN Casey Leach, being a nurse means overcoming challenges and barriers in order to help patients when they are at their most vulnerable. Her coworkers call her a passionate advocate who goes above and beyond to treat and educate her patients.

Everyday extraordinary.


Cindy Spieker, RN
Home Health

“There was never a question in my mind. I always knew I would be a nurse.”

Home Health Care RN Cindy Spieker believes no one should die alone. It’s why on a day off years ago she helped a beloved patient leave this world in peace. It’s why she’s cared for patients in a home setting since 1988 and has no plans to change career paths. Her supervisor says patients’ lives are always brighter with a home visit from Cindy.


Verna Metzger, RN
Day Unit

“Even after all of these years in nursing I am amazed at how much I learn every day.”

From difficult patients to scared patients, Downtown Medical Center RN Verna Metzger knows her patients deserve to be treated the way she would want to be treated. She enjoys spending time by her patients’ bedsides, an act that doesn’t go unnoticed by her grateful colleagues.


Karen Norman, RN
Children’s Hospital

“Telling stories is my special way of explaining to kids and families about their health.”

Colleagues describe Children’s Hospital RN Karen Norman as a great storyteller who unites families and patients through her incredible relationship-building skills. Always a team player, Karen is a constant source of optimism and never stops when the job is done, because she believes there’s always more she can do.


Amy Hall, RN

“In nursing, helping can mean so many things.”

From helping patients beat cancer to helping them pass on in the final stage of life, Oncology RN Amy Hall is recognized by her peers as a nurse who is a positive force to both patients and other nurses. Amy became a nurse because she was fascinated by medicine, but after being in the field for a while, she realized it was the honor of helping people that makes nursing such a special calling.

Thank you to these, and every Sanford nurse for their commitment and compassion to patients.

Posted Date: May 2013

Let's Celebrate Nurse's Week

Nurses Week is upon us and this week we’re uplifting five special caregivers as a way to symbolize everyone’s commitment to health and healing.