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Plan for Healthy Aging

We all plan. We plan our days. We plan for the future. When we plan for things we want to do, we also tend to hope that we will be well enough to do them. Many of the things we plan to do are dependent on our ability to be healthy in body and mind.

We all have a chance to enjoy life. Why leave it up to hope? Good planning has positive influences on a healthy body and mind. MacArthur Foundation's Consortium reports that 30% of the characteristics of aging are based on genetics, while 70% of the characteristics of aging are based on the daily choices we make. One can choose to do nothing and risk the slow natural affects of aging such as deterioration in muscle bone strength, and agility, or one can choose to take charge today and plan for more strength, flexibility and balance for tomorrow.

Regular exercise is a daily choice that is proven to prevent or prolong the onset of some aging processes by increasing strength and flexibility, balance, and stability. In turn, your body is better prepared to protect you against falls, maintain mobility, and prevent new injuries. In addition, physical activity helps you to better manage stress. Since many health problems are triggered or aggravated by stress, stress reduction can only help.

So plan today for a healthier you by deciding to start an exercise program. Whether you already have an exercise routine, or you are looking to get started, the Mutch Women's Center for Health Enrichment has a class to meet your needs. You and your friends can enjoy the uplifting environment while improving the health of your body and mind.