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Dear Dr Charles OBrien President Sanford USD Medical Center

After having experienced the level of care that I received at Sanford, there's no place on earth I’d feel in better hands during a medical emergency.

Bethany Silvano, Wakonda, SD
Bethany Silvano

I was a patient at Sanford USD Medical Center beginning March 4, 2010 when I came in for a lumbar vertebrae fusion. Around approximately noon on March 5, I started showing signs of respiratory distress. My nurse called the crisis team, and it seemed like the entire Medical Center staff showed up in my room almost instantly. Dr. Randall Lamfers was the physician on call and was most thorough and concerned. After ruling out any cardiac concerns, additional testing revealed a pulmonary embolism in my right lung.

After the evening change of shift, I started to have more chest pain and difficulty breathing. My nurse that evening was Brian (I apologize, but can’t remember his last name). It turns out I was bleeding into the chest wall and my vital signs had started to drop. Brian acted so professionally and with sincere concern, and remained with me virtually all night. I was given two units of blood and an additional scan was done in the morning to determine if blood was getting into the spinal cord, which thankfully it was not. I can’t thank Brian and the other nurses for the tremendous care and concern demonstrated during this series of events. I would also like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Lamfers for the professionalism he displayed when things started going downhill.

The care I received while at Sanford USD Medical Center was absolutely wonderful. I am a retired nurse from California, and I must say that in all the hospitals I have worked during my 38 years in nursing, I have never seen another facility that was more technically advanced and with better interdepartmental and procedural coordination and cooperation than Sanford. You are indeed to be commended for your excellence. The entire medical staff who oversaw my stay, from the nurses, to housekeeping, to food services and physical therapy, is absolutely the best.

Staff went out of their way to ensure my husband was kept informed and comfortable during his long stays with me. After having experienced the level of care that I received at Sanford, there’s no place on earth I’d feel in better hands during a medical emergency. Again, Dr. O’Brien, thank you so much for the wonderful facility you oversee, and for the obvious quality of your leadership and dedication to your profession. It is sincerely appreciated.

With deepest regards,

Bethany Silvano
Wakonda, SD