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MeritCare Invites Families to Share Video To Win a Spot in Ad

MeritCare Children's Walk-In Clinic is inviting families to capture kids on film and share them on Facebook to win the MeritCare Children's Walk-In Video Contest.

"Do your kids gab about their visit to the doctor's office? If your kids are like our own, they say funny stuff." That's the invite MeritCare Children's Walk-In Clinic is using to ask families to capture kids on film to win a spot in the limelight. Share the video on Facebook and it's that easy to win the MeritCare Children's Walk-In Video Contest.

"Social media is changing the way many health systems look at building relationships with patients," says Kirsten Jensen, communication strategy manager, MeritCare Marketing. "MeritCare Children's started a Facebook page in September 2009. It's really caught on and they now have over 2,000 fans. It's an incredibly personal way to connect with patients and families; we've really enjoyed getting to know our fans." A favorite past time for Facebook users has been posting pictures. Video is quickly gaining popularity as phones and other tools have made capturing priceless moments quick and easy.

Families are invited to upload videos to MeritCare Children's Facebook page. Winners from the best videos will be featured in an upcoming advertising campaign, which may include print, TV, Web, radio and more.

The contest runs through March 28, 2010.

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