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Technicians Help New Parents Have Safe Ride

By Kelli Grant

Besides actually having a baby, the car ride home from the hospital may be one of the scariest things for a new parent. But that worry can be eliminated for some new moms and dads.

Renae and Nick Prostrollo welcomed baby girl Logan into their family this week. Friday, they'll take her home, slowly.

"It will be the longest trip from Sioux Falls to Madison that I've ever made," Nick said.

It may also be the safest. That's because for patients at Sanford, child restraint technicians can now offer support.
"Every time we had parents going home, there were so many of them questioning, 'Is this right? Am I doing it right? Can you help me? Can you do it?' And we'd have to stand back and just kind of watch and hope that they figure it out," Child Restraint Technician Heidi Ellison said.

That's because there was a huge liability associated with being the last person to put the car seat in the vehicle.
"We had it changed to kind of make parents more comfortable when they're going home and to protect the babies of course," Ellison said.

So now trained, certified technicians like Ellison are helping growing families get the basics down.

"We've got it in what we think is correct and I've had other people show me and kind of looked at the different things. But to have somebody come out and double check it, kind of clear you to go home to make sure the bundle of joy is gonna be safe and sound is a big piece of mind," Prostrollo said.

"You'd be amazed at how many of them are wrong," Ellison said.

The Prostrollos' car seat base was just a tad loose, but it was a quick fix. One this new family is thankful was made before their drive home.

"It's a convenience and it's just a big piece of mind to know that it is safe and my child is going to be secure if something does happen on the way home," Prostrollo said.

The car seat technicians are available Monday through Friday at Sanford but they do suggest parents try and install it themselves first and they'll double check it.

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