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Sanford Clinic Recently Welcomed the Following Physicians

Geoffrey Tufty, MD
Pediatric Ophthalmology
Sanford Clinic
(605) 328-9200
Renee Siegmann, MD
Sanford Clinic Dermatology
(605) 328-8600
Christopher Fischer, MD
Radiology/Nuclear Medicine
Sanford Clinic Radiology/
Nuclear Medicine
Richard Clark, MD
Sanford Clinic Heart Partners
(605) 328-2929

Khaled Anis, MD
Sanford Clinic Neurology
(605) 328-8130
Lisa White, MD
Pediatric Hospitalist
Sanford Clinic Hospitalists
(605) 312-1050

Deena Wise, DO
Sanford Children’s Clinic Duncan
(580) 252-9600
Leighton Singh, MD
Emergency Medicine
Sanford Trauma 5