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Sanford Childrens Pediatric New Hospitalist Program Provides Unique Care

When a child is sick enough that they must be checked into the hospital, they now have a new option in care.

The Sanford Children's
Hospitalist Team.


(Sioux Falls, SD) – When a child is sick enough that they must be checked into the hospital, they now have a new option in care at Sanford Children's Hospital. Sanford Children's is pleased to announce its new Pediatric Hospitalist Program. The Sanford Children's Hospitalist Team is comprised of three physicians who specialize in caring for patients in the hospital setting.

The hospitalists at Sanford Children's do not maintain an outpatient practice, allowing them to be available to patients 24 hours a day. They are never more than a few minutes away and can respond immediately to an emergency. Throughout a patient's visit the Hospitalists work and communicate with the child's referring doctor to insure the best care. Once they assist children through a smooth and speedy recovery, the patients return to their primary care physician or specialist.

"The Sanford Children's Hospitalist Program not only benefits our patients in the hospital, it also helps patients seeing a primary care physician," says Eugene Hoyme, MD, Chief Pediatric Officer, Sanford Children's Hospital. "Because Hospitalists are in the hospital all day, your doctor can be with you in the office with fewer delays and interruptions. Your doctor will be able to devote more time to keeping you and your family healthy. Your primary care physician becomes more available to you in the office, and the Hospitalist is more available to you and your family when you are at your sickest."

The Sanford Children's Hospitalist team is made up of Julie Mayo, DO, Yamen Smadi, MD and Lisa White, MD. They are all board certified pediatric medicine physicians who practice solely within Sanford Children's Hospital.