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Nobel Prize Winning Researcher to Visit Sanford

Luc Montagnier, PhD to Discuss Latest in Breast Cancer Research.

Noble Prize Winning Researcher Luc Montagnier, PhD to Visit Sanford Health.
Internationally known and 2008 Nobel Prize winning researcher Luc Montagnier, PhD.


(Sioux Falls, SD) - Sanford Health announced today internationally known and 2008 Nobel Prize winning researcher Luc Montagnier, PhD will visit the organization February 13 to hold discussions with physicians, researchers and executives.

Best known for discovering the AIDS virus, Dr. Montagnier is also a genomics expert who has made significant discoveries concerning the understanding of how viruses can alter an individual’s genetic information. During his visit to Sanford Health, Dr. Montagnier will share his insights into the genetic markers involving breast cancer.

"Dr. Montagnier brings to Sanford decades of research and valuable information we can glean to further our cancer researcher, which in its own right, is already making significant discoveries," stated Dave Link, Sanford Health Executive Vice President. "We look forward to Dr. Montagnier's visit and our discussions which will ultimately lead to new discoveries."

Dr. Montagnier’s discussions with Sanford will focus on current trends in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. A panel discussion will include Sanford physicians and researchers. (Media is welcome to attend the panel discussion.)

Current Trends in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Breast Cancer

Panel Discussion Featuring Luc Montagnier, PhD
Sanford USD Medical Center – Schroeder Auditorium
February 13, 2009  ::  10:30-11:45am

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