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Sanford Clinic Womens Health Announces Centering Pregnancy Program

Group Model Offers Support and Education to Expectant Mothers

(Sioux Falls, SD) Sanford Clinic Women’s Health is the first in South Dakota to launch a new program that brings women out of exam rooms and into a group setting for prenatal care. Centering Pregnancy® brings moms-to-be together for regular check-ups, education and support throughout their pregnancy. Women with similar due dates are grouped together to learn from and with one another.

Centering Pregnancy® bundles essential health assessment and education services in a special social setting,” says Teresa Buell, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) with Sanford Clinic Women’s Health. “This allows moms-to-be to spend more time with their healthcare provider. Every minute of the session is focused on the mom-to-be and her baby.”

The Centering Pregnancy® method for prenatal care is part of a growing healthcare trend to combine preventive and wellness care with education and personal support. At Sanford Clinic Women’s Health, the group meets for ten sessions from early in the second trimester through post-partum. Through the months, the moms-to-be get to know each other, build community and gain confidence in their own knowledge and skills.

“The quality of prenatal care is equal to the one-on-one traditional form of care, but the depth and quality of the group discussions and support the women give each other make it a personalized experience,” added Buell.

Through this unique model of care, women are empowered to choose health promoting behaviors. According to studies done by Centering Pregnancy & Parenting Association, Inc., women using the Centering Pregnancy® method have an increased infant birth weight and fewer preterm deliveries.

About Sanford Clinic Women’s Health

Sanford Clinic Women’s Health includes a broad range of physician specialists who provide women with comprehensive woman's healthcare. Centering Pregnancy® sessions will be offered beginning January 2009.

Call (605) 328-7700 to sign up or to learn more about Centering Pregnancy®.

Stacy Bauer Jones | Media Relations Coordinator
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