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Sanford Spine Center Offers Postural Restoration

The Sanford Spine Center is pleased to announce additional physical therapy services.

(Sioux Falls, SD)— The Sanford Spine Center is pleased to announce additional physical therapy services. Postural Restoration is an innovative therapy that focuses on the influence of posture and correct body movement as the foundation for healthy living. The addition of a full-time therapist trained in Postural Restoration to the Sanford Spine Center creates additional capacity for therapy services to a growing patient base. It also complements existing traditional therapy services with a proven and effective method for helping spine patients achieve a better lifestyle.

“The success of our program is deeply rooted in our ability to provide comprehensive spine care for patients suffering acute neck and back pain with services ranging from specialized physical therapy, minimally invasive spine procedures, and spine surgery,” states Tom Boetel, DO, Sanford Spine Center Medical Director.

Sanford Spine Center physical therapy follows the principles of an innovative treatment approach, Postural Restoration, developed by the Postural Restoration Institute of Lincoln, NE.

“We assess postural imbalance and movement dysfunction in the areas of respiration, muscle movement or dysfunction, and postural adaptation and compensation,” adds Jill Honermann, PT, Sanford Spine Center. “The comprehensive treatment is based on correcting improper movement patterns, restoring proper diaphragmatic breathing, and maximizing proper posture to improve ease of movement and function. This progressive therapy has extensive advantages above and beyond traditional therapy for patients with problems of the neck and back.”

The Sanford Spine Center provides an integrated approach to treating people with problems associated with their back and neck. Dedicated to treating children and adults with a broad range of spine conditions, the Sanford Spine Center offers a patient-focused approach and innovative surgical and non-surgical interventions for the treatment of pain and other problems associated with the back and neck. For additional information on the Sanford Spine Center, please visit or call (605)328-1550.

Stacy Bauer Jones | Media Relations Coordinator
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