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Sanford Clinic Womens Health Offers New Permanent Birth Control

Sanford Clinic Women’s Health is now offering the Essure procedure for permanent birth control in the comfort and convenience of the clinic.

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Sanford Clinic Women's Health is now offering the Essure procedure for permanent birth control in the comfort and convenience of the clinic.  The Essure procedure offers women permanent protection against pregnancy without cutting or general anesthesia.  Soft, flexible coils called micro-inserts are placed into each fallopian tube.  Over the next three months tissue naturally grows into the micro-inserts forming a barrier that prevents sperm from reaching and fertilizing the egg.  A confirmation test is performed at three months to let the woman know that she can rely on the Essure micro-inserts for permanent birth control. 

"We perform the Essure procedure in our clinic under local anesthesia so that women can return to all the things important to them as soon as possible.  We are excited to offer this wonderful option to women who are sure that they do not want any children in the future," said Jeanne Hassebroek-Johnson, MD with Sanford Clinic Women's Health.

The Essure procedure is 99.80% effective based on 4 years of follow-up and is covered by most health insurance plans.  Tens of thousands of women worldwide have chosen the Essure procedure as their method of permanent birth control (sterilization) since 1998.  In a clinical study on the Essure procedure, 96% of patients said they would recommend the procedure to a friend.

For more information on Essure, contact Sanford Clinic Women’s Health at 605-328-7700.  Media members with questions should contact Sanford Health Media Relations at 605-366-2432

More Information:

Listen to an interview with Dr. Jeanne Hassebroek-Johnson

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