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MeritCare Honors Associates For Their Legacy of Caring

For the year 2007 MeritCare is pleased to honor our associates who have reached anniversary milestones in their careers of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 years! Their dedication to healing touches people in need everyday. We can't thank them enough.

For the year 2007 MeritCare is pleased to honor our associates who have reached anniversary milestones in their careers of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 years! Their dedication to healing touches people in need everyday. We can't thank them enough.


    Rose Carriveau, Urology
    Paulette Everson, Valley City Clinic
    Patricia Hanggi, Lab/Pathology
    Paul Swanson, Materials Management


    Karen Berg, Same Day Surgery
    Nancy Elliott, Psychiatry
    Gracia Fulwiler, Parish Nursing
    Paula Hempel, Children's Hospital
    Bonnie Jangula, Lab/Pathology
    Ronal Keel, Pharmacy
    Corinne Kirchenwitz, Food Services
    Carolyn Maresh, Valley City Clinic
    Elizabeth Mattis, Family Birth Center
    Kathleen Shiels, Health Information Management
    Ruth Stebleton, Bemidji Clinic
    Lee Stenberg, Recovery Room
    O'Niel Strom, Lab/Pathology
    Roger Vaagen, Anesthesiology


    Jenean Baumann, House Administrators
    Darlene Bauske, Revenue Management
    Mary Bjornstad, Orthopedics
    Neil Bosch, Imaging Services
    Karen Burnside, Orthopedics
    Melanie Davis, Detroi Lakes Clinic
    Laura Davison, Information Technology
    Laura Dickhaus, Lab/Pathology
    Richard Diehl, Facility Services
    Bonnie Dittus, Information Technology
    Verna Eberhardt, Social Services
    Teresa Garske, Medical/Surgical
    Jane Gimmestad-Hegge, Revenue Management
    Diane Hannig, West Fargo Clinic
    Evelin Heck, Orthopedics
    Jane Heilmann, Strategic Development
    Alice Heller, Anesthesiology
    Ralph Holte, Andesthesiology
    Jeffrey Hoss, Surgical Services
    JoAnn Johnson, Food Services
    Lynne Joyce, Emergency Center
    Connie Kram, Environmental Services
    Douglas Krantz, Quality Improvement
    Jonelle Kuder, Orthopedics
    Roger Lee, Accounting
    Linda Massey, Urology
    Rita Meyer, Walk-In Clinic
    Beverly Miranowski, North Fargo Clinic
    Deborah Moser, Detroit Lakes Clinic
    Linda Nord, Oncology Services
    Crystal Noreen, Pharmacy
    Jack Offerdahl, Respiratory Care
    Brenda Ohnstad, Critical Care Services
    Charles Paulson, Information Technology
    Dawn Radtke, Neuro/Ortho/Surgical
    Mary Rehak, Heart Services
    Judy Rohman, Pharmacy
    Julie Sandstrom, Heart Services
    Valerie Schmidt, Surgical Services
    Phyllis Seaburg, Emergency Center
    Gail Spillum, Transitional Care Unit
    Diane Tangen, Lab/Pathology
    Joel Trygstad, Information Technology
    Diane Walton, Resource Team
    Paula Wilson, Oncology Services
    Beth Wolf, Internal Medicine


    Ruth Affield, Oncology Services
    Virginia Aigner, Oncology Services
    Dawn Anderson, Hemodialysis
    Pamela Baker, Rehabilitation
    Cindy Budke, Family Birth Center
    Patricia Burdick, Bemidji Clinic
    Virginia Burns, Family Birth Center
    Marlys Carpenter, OB/GYN
    Elaine Clemenson, Children's Hospital
    Candice Cox, Neonatology
    Jerilyn Craychee, West Fargo Clinic
    Karen Dobler, Children's Hospital
    Florence Dreiling, Family Birth Center
    Karen Duffy, Health Information Management
    Joseph Dwyer, Materials Management
    Robert Erickson, Environmental Services
    Lori Eveland, Same Day Surgery Room
    JoAnne Fleischfresser, Transitional Care Unit
    Rita Frovarp, Family Birth Center
    Tammy Gilbraith, Facility Services
    Wesley Gilbraith, Materials Management
    Jennifer Halda, West Fargo Clinic
    Sandra Haux, Revenue Management
    Alice Hawley, Lab/Pathology
    Julie Heinze, Pharmacy
    Janice Himle Rudisel, Family Birth Center
    Tammy Huard, Billing Compliance
    Diane Huwe, Transitional Care Unit
    Laura Jacobs, Revenue Management
    Karla Johnson, Neonatology
    Margaret Johnson, Hemodialysis
    Ruth Johnson, Information Technology
    Joan Just, Recovery Room
    Sherril Keil, Respiratory Care
    Catherine Keogh, Home Care
    Doreen Kirkevold, Quality Improvement
    Becky Klein, Utilization Management
    Wendy Kotchian, Children's Hospital
    Virginia Kruse, Heart Services
    Emily Kulland, Children's Hospital
    Jan Kuptiz, Children's Hospital
    Denise Larson, Oncology Services
    Barbara LeDoux, Internal Medicine
    Mary Link, Reimbursement & Contracting
    Kathleen Luecke, Children's Hospital
    Mavis Lura, Environmental Services
    Sandra Lura, Dialysis
    Bonnie Melander, Rehabilitation
    Sherry Mickels, Same Day Surgery
    Gayle Miller, Health Information Management
    Louise Miller, Transitional Care Unit
    Rebecca Moch, Heart Services
    Diane Nechiporenko, Orthopedics
    Harriet Neitzel, Oncology Services
    Stacie Nelson, Family Birth Center
    Joni Nygord, Mayville Clinic
    Ardell Olson, Otolaryngology
    Arlinda Olson, Lab/Bathology
    Janie Olson, Rehabilitation
    Connie Pankow, Information Technology
    Donelle Paulsen, Resource Team
    Cary Perna, Facility Services
    Joann Pollert, Food Services
    Maria Regnier, Dialysis
    Sandra Rehder, Materials Management
    Donelle Richmond, Surgical Services
    Doris Rost, Pediatrics
    Mary Sather Aakre, Respiratory Care
    Janet Schaum, Neonatology
    Vicky Schmit, Health Information Management
    Connie Schoenack, Quality Improvement
    Mark Seaver, Imaging Services
    Peggy Seaver, Oncology Services
    Paige Siegert, Critical Care Services
    Michael Smith, Strategic Development
    Deborah Soliah, Foundation
    Nancy Sornsin, Neuro/Ortho/Surgical
    Cheryl Spieker, Nephrology
    Maria Stay, Bemidji Clinic
    Sherry Stoa, Family Birth Center
    Christine Strand, Heart Services
    Sheri Strom, Oncology Services
    Anita Teal, Lab/Pathology
    Elaine Throndset, Health Information Management
    Trudy Torgerson, Hemodialysis
    Linda Toring, Family Medicine
    Jane Voss, Lab/Pathology
    Julene Walker, Heart Services
    Jack Westby, Facility Services
    Theresa Wickenheiser, Dermatology
    Lucy Wire, Revenue Management
    Roberta Young, Oncology Services


    Diane Anders, North Fargo Clinic
    Mamie Anderson, Recovery Room
    Karen Benjamin, Rehabilitation
    Eunice Berge, Oncology Services
    Karen Bivens, Jamestown Clinic
    Diane Boyle, Lab/Pathology
    Vicki Brodsho, Pharmacy
    Connie Bruse, Transitional Care Unit
    Kathleen Byrne, Health Information Management
    Laura Campbell, Medical/Surgical
    Sharon Campbell, Transitional Care Unit
    Linda Carlson, Heart Services
    Sara Croonquist, Orthopedics
    Monica Diede, Jamestown Clinic
    Colleen DuBord, Respiratory Care
    Mark Duncan, Mayville Clinic
    Susan Eppler, Home Care
    Dennis Ernst, Facility Services
    Tami Estrem, Home Care
    Jeffrey Evin, Lab/Pathology
    Linda Fleury, Human Resources
    Ronald Frisk, Respiratory care
    Melvin Geist, Environmental Services
    Jennifer Gerber, Orthopedics
    Bonnie Green, Human Resources
    Corinn Gromatka, Heart Services
    Doris Hanson, Bemidji Clinic
    Paulette Hanson, Hawley Clinic
    Jill Hartl, Oncology Services
    Shellee Hatlevoll, Payroll
    Marsha Hendrickson, House Administrators
    Carole Hennen, Environmental Services
    Paula Hestdalen, Emergency Center
    Kathy Holman, Accounting
    Catherine Huseby, Psychiatry
    Linda Jahner, Occupational Health
    Debra Jellison, Anesthesiology
    Martin Jendro, Environmental Services
    Donita Kaspari, Critical Care Services
    Vicki Kastet, Family Birth Center
    Janis Keller, Family Birth Center
    Cheryl Kemmer, Moorhead Clinic
    Carrie Kerbaugh. Health Information Management
    Samrattee Khan, Lab/Pathology
    Dianne Klemetson, Twin Valley Clinic
    Angela Korsmo, Regional Health
    James Kruse, Revenue Management
    Laura Langemo, OB/GYN
    Ramona Langness, Same Day Surgery Room
    Patricia Lansing, Rheumatology
    Martha Leclerc, Reimbursement & Contracting
    Judy Lindgren, Learning Services
    Tracey Luitjens, Critical Care Services
    Connie Lundberg, Revenue Management
    Jeff Mari, Pharmacy
    Kimberly Masten, Orthopedics
    Jacqueline McDougall, Walk-In Clinic
    Zana McKelvey, Information Technology
    Donna Mitchell, Health Information Management
    Susan Nicholls, OB/GYN
    Cindy Nielson, Lab/Pathology
    Marsha Nygaard, Recovery Room
    Patricia Oelke, Heart Services
    Gloria Olson, Psychiatry
    Jerry Olson, Surgical Services
    Ronal Parson, Psychiatry
    Jacquelyn Paul, Trauma Center
    Lorene Peterson, Occupational Therapy
    Susan Rasmussen, Home Care
    Karen Reitmeier, Island Park Clinic
    Bonnie Rice, Facility Services
    Nancy Ruud, Learning Services
    Lois Rydeen, Bemidji Clinic
    Janet Salzwedel, Occupational Therapy
    Lois Schafer, Home Care
    Dorothy Schroeter, Respiratory Care
    Elizabeth Scilley, Oncology Services
    Cheryl Sjothun, Bemidji Clinic
    Kimberly Sklebar, Heart Services
    Ellen Stalboerger, Dialysis
    Beverly Suppa, Same Day Surgery Room
    Judy Suppa, Pediatrics
    Ilene Tehven, Dialysis
    Linda Ulland, Home Care
    Bonita Vangerud, Heart Services
    Karlene Walls, Orthopedics
    Ruth Weber, Finance
    M. Hussein Weled, Environmental Services
    Beverly Wirth, Surgical Services
    Gayle Ziegler, Pharmacy


    Karen Aaby, Heart Services
    Lisa Aamold, Health Information Management
    Wade Adkins, Imaging Services
    Frances Akin, Lab/Pathology
    Maria Anderson, Pelican Rapids Clinic
    Lynette Arntson, Perham Clinic
    Debra Ashmore, Ulen Clinic
    Robert Belanger, Lab/Pathology
    Janet Boerger, Same Day Surgery
    Kari Bosche, Health Information Management
    Julene Brown, Billing Compliance
    Pam Brunette, Health Information Management
    Susan Crider, Internal Medicine
    Jonell Dejong, Surgical Services
    Debra Efta, Emergency Center
    Judith Ellenson, Respiratory Care
    Eunice Erickson, Psychiatry
    Donna Feland, Oncology Services
    Loriann Ferguson, Children's Hospital
    Barbara Gehrtz, Revenue Management
    Margare Grieve, Valley City Clinic
    Carla Gustin, Home Care
    Melissa Hansen, Pediatrics
    Diane Hanson, Heart Services
    Colette Haugrud, Home Care
    Melanie Heldt, Resource Team
    Tina Herold, Heart Services
    Tammy Hoganson, Anesthesiology
    Karla Hornstein, Guest Services
    Zita Jacobson, Detroit Lakes Clinic
    Patti Johnson, Child Development Center
    Paula Johnson, Health Information Management
    Karen Kostecki, Surgical Services
    Catherine Kramer, Heart Services
    Valerie Kringler, Psychiatry
    Deanna Kubitz, Trauma Center
    Rhonda Kutz, Imaging Services
    Michelle Lahren, Orthopedics
    Judy Larson, Detroit Lakes Clinic
    Lauri Larson, Lab/Pathology
    Sharleen Leach, Health Information Management
    Julie Lease, Oncology Services
    Sheila Liebelt, Wahpeton Clinic
    Barbara Maasjo, Pelican Rapids Clinic
    Pamela Maatz, Revenue Management
    Vicki Mandt, Wahpeton Clinic
    Vickie Manske, Human Resources
    Todd Marsh, Anesthesiology
    Charles Marty, Materials Management
    Gail Mendez, Lab/Pathology
    Janet Monson, Revenue Management
    Diana Moon, Endoscopy
    Christopher Mostad, Resource Team
    Bryce Nelson, Occupational Therapy
    Janna Nelson, Health Information Management
    Rick Nesemeier, Information Technology
    Vicki Nissen, Environmental Services
    Cheryl Nyborg, OB/GYN
    Jennifer Ohnstad, Health Information Management
    Dean Olson, Respiratory Care
    Sandra Olson, Human Resources
    Timothy Ostgarden, Materials Management
    Ann Parsons, Home Care
    Susan Pfeifer, Materials Management
    John Pfund, Oncology Services
    Stacey Retzlaff, Psychiatry
    Dean Rodacker, Heart Services
    Catherine Ronning, Pediatrics
    Mary Rothenay, Detroit Lakes Clinic
    Vicky Rott, Pharmacy
    Kimberly Sabby, Valley City Clinic
    James Schaefer, Detroit Lakes Clinic
    Judy Schultz, Dermatology
    Gary Selstedt, Lab/Pathology
    Claire Skarphol, Pediatrics
    Sherrie Skuza, Oncology Services
    Rebecca Slater, Family Birth Center
    Judy Smith, Same Day Surgery
    Marjorie Sneed, Utilization Management
    Nancy Snell, Revenue Management
    Roberta Solberg, Critical Care Services
    Victoria Stahl, Home Care
    Patricia Ste. Marie, Lab/Pathology
    Lance Stoddard, Same Day Surgery Room
    Jodi Stoll, Imaging Services
    Karen Thomson, Revenue Management
    Rebecca Todt, Family Birth Center
    Iva Tollagson, Home Care
    Todd Underdahl, Anesthesiology
    Marie Valentine, Surgical Services
    Julie Wallgren, Surgical Services
    Peggy Weaver, Oncology Services
    Nancy Wilson, Bemidji Clinic
    Brenda Young, Quality Improvement
    Judith Zich, Same Day Surgery
    Valorie Ziegler, Rehabilitation


    Deborah Albrecht, Guest Services
    Paula Anderson, Nutrition Therapy
    Robert Anderson, Environmental Services
    Dorothy Bach, Physical Therapy
    Denise Bartholomay, Pharmacy
    Scott Bartholomay, Information Technology
    Rory Beil, Exercise Physiology
    Rhonda Benton, Home Care
    Christine Berg, Eye Services
    Erik Berg, Physical Therapy
    Cathleen Beto, Ask-A-Nurse
    Kelly Beyer, Home Care
    Janice Binkley, Bemidji Clinic
    Daynelle Blake, Occupational Health
    Kimberly Bosak, Lab/Pathology
    Helen Buckle, Imaging Services
    Luann Buehre, Lab/Pathology
    Kristi Burgard,Heart Services
    Brenda Byer, Surgical Services
    Jacqueline Campbell, Jamestown Clinic
    Dana Carr, Administration
    Hector Cavazos, Materials Management
    Dana Cossette, Neurosrugery
    Catherine Cox, Ottertail Clinic
    Ladine Cruff, Imaging Services
    Lisa Davies, Utilization Management
    Patricia Dirk, Hillsboro Hospital & Nursing Home
    Sharon Ditch, Home Care
    Laura Dittmer-Anderson, Family Medicine
    Lia Dobrinz, Occupational Therapy
    Debra Dockter, Social Services
    Tammie Dohman, Pharmacy
    Jennifer Dolalie, Resource Team
    Brenda Dukek, Information Technology
    Karla Ecklund, Resource Team
    Cherie Edulund, Urology
    Peggy Eicholtz, Revenue Management
    Debera Eken, Twin Valley Clinic
    Sharon Erbstoesser, Home Care
    Audrey Erdmann, Day Unit
    Kari Erickson, Resource Team
    Tammy Erickson, Ulen Clinic
    Marie Espeseth, Transitional Care Unit
    Amy Fagerland, Imaging Services
    Julie Faircloth, Surgical Services
    Trudy Fischer, Eating Disorder Unit
    Sharon Fjestad, Pelican Rapids Clinic
    Kelly Fougner, Heart Services
    Jodie Fournier, Oncology Services
    Melissa Glandner, Finance
    Brenda Gross, Anesthesiology
    Carolyn Grover, Health Information Management
    Wanda Hagen, Detroit Lakes Clinic
    Jason Handegaard, Information Technology
    Kathleen Hanish, Oncology Services
    Kelli Harding, Coordinated Treatment Center
    Ryan Haug, Facility Services
    Dawn Hayes, Reimbursement & Contracting
    Daniel Heckaman, Information Technology
    Heidi Heiberg, Environmenatl Services
    Dawn Heinze, Materials Management
    Karen Heisler, Transplant Services
    Rachelle Hinkley, Pediatrics
    Patty Hoag, Orthopedics
    Stephanie Hodgins-Lentz, Information Technology
    Pamela Holm, Eye Services
    Julie Hooten, Eating Disorder Unit
    Tricia Hopp, Critical Care Services
    Morris Jacobson, Bemidji Clinic
    Tanya Jacobson, Imaging Services
    Barrett Johnson, Information Technology
    Diana Johnson, Information Technology
    Keith Kalvik, Imaging Services
    Lonnda Kari, Same Day Surgery Room
    Martin Kaufman, Bemidji Clinic
    Diane Kittelson, Physical Therapy
    Nancy Klemen, Lab/Pathology
    Randi Kolrud, Revenue Management
    Brent Kriewald, Imaging Services
    Tamara Kuntz, Day Unit
    Wendy Kunze, Neurology
    Earl Lang, Bemidji Clinic
    Kiara Larson, Revenue Management
    Tiffany Lawrence, Finance
    Tricia Lee, Revenue Management
    Linda Levee, Edgeley Clinic
    Sherie Lindemann, Finance
    Catherine Lowe, Walker Clinic
    Sherry Lusk, Pharmacy
    Henry Lytle, Information Technology
    Elaine Maas, Lab/Pathology
    Pamela Marchand, Oncology Services
    Cindy Markman, Guest Services
    Sandra Matthey, Lab/Pathology
    Kalynn Mayers, Bemidji Clinic
    Stacey McGillis, Resource Team
    Darin McLean, Information Technology
    Dawn Michelson, Lab/Pathology
    Mary Miller, Transplant Services
    Gordon Mitchell, Information Technology
    Dustin Mjoen, Information Technology
    Debbie Morrison, Bemidji Clinic
    Brenda Muckenhirn, Detroit Lakes Clinic
    Sarah Mulcahy, Psychiatry
    Ann Mullaney, Walk-In Clinic
    Robin Meyers, Bemidji Clinic
    Gina Nelson, Resource Team
    Scott Nice, Physical Therapy
    Renee Niemi, Detroit Lakes Clinic
    Kari Novak, Family Birth Center
    Heather Odden, Neuro/Ortho/Surgical
    Bryon Olson, Imaging Services
    Linda Olson, Reproductive Medicine
    David Overmoe, Information Technology
    Bobbi Paper, Children's Hospital
    June Parsley, Environmental Services
    Sandra Paul, Speech Pathology
    Michelle Peterson, Revenue Management
    Sue Pfaff, Oncology Services
    Rose Pikalek, Child Development Center
    Karen Piper, Respiratoroy Care
    Mark Plencher, Pharmacy
    Stacy Plencher, Home Care
    Roger Preszler, Valley City Clinic
    Gregory Pulczinski, Lab/Pathology
    Barbara Ransom, Surgical Services
    Renee Reberg, Orthopedics
    Dee Rennich, Pelican Rapids Clinic
    Michelle Resler, Critical Care Services
    Cheri Rodenburg, Critical Care Services
    Mindy Rodke, Heart Services
    Jeanne Roesler, Health Information management
    Elaine Rokusek, Surgical Services
    Barbara Rosten, Family Medicine
    Susan Rumsey, Surgical Services
    Julie Rydell, Oncology Services
    Monika Satter, Heart Services
    Jennifer Scheett, Imaging Services
    Kristine Schimek, Children's Hospital
    Jeffrey Schmidt, Physical Therapy
    Dawn Schnase, Materials Management
    Pamela schroeden, Heart Services
    Joni Schumacher, Critical Care Services
    Mary Schuster, Oncology Services
    Lori Seeley, Medical/Surgical
    Deb Sheeley, Wahpeton Clinic
    Vernette Smith, Bemidji Clinic
    Matthew Sorum, Information Technology
    Sarah Spiesz, Family Birth Center
    Colleen Steinhauer, House Administrators
    Sandra Stetz, Recovery Room
    Nancy Stock, Twin Valley Clinic
    Joan Stoltz, Valley City Clinic
    Michele Stroh, Occupational Therapy
    Rebecca Suchla, Imaging Services
    Jennifer Swiers, Lab/Pathology
    Stacey Tebelius, Revenue Management
    Tara Teske, Resource Team
    Kathy Thompson, Resource Team
    Jolene Thorstad, Materials Management
    Lynn Tweet, Ask-A-Nurse
    Elizabeth Ulschmid, Regional Health
    Lori Ust, Pediatrics
    Barbara Vilhaure, Jamestown Clinic
    Beth Wagner, Respiratory Care
    Sue Wagoner, Transitional Care Unit
    Jay Ward, Bemidji Clinic
    Stephen Ward, Facility Services
    Stephanie Wegleitner, Detroit Lakes Clinic
    Lori Wika, Exercise Physicology
    Erin Winterquist, Surgical Services
    Kathy Wussow, Oncology Services
    Joanne Zurn, Health Information Management