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Sioux Valley Announces Event for Young Women Heading to College

Is your daughter ready for college? College life brings a whole new set of responsibilities.

Is your daughter ready for college? College life brings a whole new set of responsibilities. Balancing the workload of a 16-credit semester presents students with a great deal of stress and anxiety. In addition, students add new responsibilities for managing life outside of the classroom such as independent finance, managing daily health issues, eating right, and making decisions that will keep them safe.

To help prepare young women and their parents for college, Sioux Valley Women’s Resource Center announces a new event: Is Your Daughter Ready for College? A Parent’s and Teen’s Guide to Preparing for the College Years. Is Your Daughter Ready for College is Saturday June 17 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Sioux Valley Hospital. This event is designed to bring parents and daughters together to better prepare both of them for the new responsibilities outside of the classroom.

Topics include finance, daily physical and emotional health issues, eating right and making decisions that will keep your college student safe. The day also includes lunch, breakout sessions for parents and teens, and a question and answer segment. To register for this event, call the Women’s Resource Center at 605-328-7155. The cost is $10.00 per person which includes lunch.

Sessions Include:

Healthy Living – Learn how to take care of both your mind and body, and make the most of your college experience. Get information on over-the-counter medications, immunizations, tips on how to stay healthy, and resources that are available for you when you feel sick.

Survival 101 – College – it’s an exciting time of life. Hear some thoughts and ideas to help you make wise choices that will keep you safe.

Living Large – This workshop will include easy saving tips, avoiding the credit card traps, protecting your credit score, and fun cost-cutting techniques.

How to Avoid the “Freshman 15” – Get nutritional tips and techniques to make smart choices every day, from the dining hall to your dorm room and beyond.

Empty Nesters and Learning to Fly – This workshop will give parents and teens ideas to use to help each other through this transition.

Breakout for Parents: Don’t Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money: The Essential Parenting Guide to the College Years.

Breakout for Teens: Extreme Makeover: Dorm Edition – Be the envy of your hallway! Learn how to decorate your dorm room to reflect your personal style.

The Truth about Campus Life – This is your chance to find out what college life is really like. College women and their mothers will be available to answer all your questions