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Hugs Kisses

To a new mom, the sound of a lullaby can inspire feelings of calm and peace.

To a new mom, the sound of a lullaby can inspire feelings of calm and peace. Now, new moms in the Birth Place at Sioux Valley Hospital USD Medical Center recognize a lullaby as a sound of safety. A new bracelet worn by new mothers adds to Sioux Valley’s already exceptional infant security and safety system. The new "Kisses" portion of the Hugs and Kisses security system is now available at Sioux Valley. Now, both mom and baby wear electronic bracelets, which provide a host of security features and use a lullaby as an audible cue for staff and parents.

Sioux Valley
added the Hugs portion of the security system in 2001. After delivery, babies have a small electronic bracelet placed around their ankles. If a baby with an active ankle bracelet gets too close to the elevators or unit doors, someone attempts to take a baby off the unit, or if the bracelet band is cut, the elevators disable and the units’ exterior doors lock down. In addition, an audible alarm and flashing lights are activated.

In March 2006, Sioux Valley added the Kisses portion, and a new mother is given her own electronic bracelet after delivery. The mother and child’s electronic bracelets are programmed to “recognize” one another. If baby is returning to his mom after being away for more than 30 minutes, the bracelets play a lullaby when they get within 18 inches of one another. With the Hugs and Kisses system, a mismatched mom and baby are immediately recognized when their bracelets get close to one another. Rather than the soothing sound of a lullaby, mismatched bracelets make a long beeping sound that continues until the mismatched mother and baby are separated.

"The new addition to our security system gives new families even more peace of mind," says Georgia Stern, Director of Sioux Valley Hospital’s Birth Place. "We have never had an abduction at Sioux Valley or a case where a baby was mismatched with the incorrect mother, but adding the Kisses portion of the Hugs and Kisses security system give us another safeguard for protecting both mother and child."

Sioux Valley nurses will also continue to visually check written identification bracelets on both mother and child. The Hugs and Kisses security system adds another layer of protection.