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Metabolic Syndrome

Women and Metabolic Syndrome

High blood pressure. Extra fat around the middle. High blood sugar. These health conditions are not good. And when you combine them, you have a group of risk factors that equal metabolic syndrome, a condition that's becoming more and more common in the United States.

While metabolic syndrome is not a disease itself, it is a condition that can pose some serious dangers to your health. Metabolic syndrome increases your risk for coronary artery disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Sanford Women's is here for you. To help you control the condition, be aware and make positive lifestyle changes.

To learn more about risk factors and diagnosing and treating metabolic syndrome, click here.

Metabolic Clinic

At Sanford Women's Internal Medicine Clinic, we're here for you. We understand the importance of early detection and prevention of metabolic syndrome. That's why we offer the Metabolic Clinic every month at the Plaza in Sioux Falls. This two-hour educational session is an opportunity for women to come together and discuss risk and treatment.


  • Discussion with a doctor:
    • Metabolic syndrome basics
    • Talking to your health care provider
    • Interpreting your test results
  • Exercises for daily living

When you join us, you will receive an individual consultation with one of our physicians to discuss your test results and review your health history. It will be billed to your insurance as an office visit.

Talk to your provider to find out if the Metabolic Clinic is right for you. Call (605) 328-9700 to register for available dates and times.