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Take Heart South Dakota

When a heart stops beating, every second counts. CPR is one of the first steps responders can take to get a heart beating again. Take Heart America™ was founded by a network of visionaries who recognized that a coordinated, comprehensive approach to resuscitation therapies could substantially increase the survival rates in sudden cardiac arrest victims from five to 30 – 35 percent with aggressive resuscitation.

Sanford Health and Sanford Heart Hospital started Take Heart South Dakota™ - working to train more people in CPR, develop more effective resuscitation therapies and advocate for automatic external defibrillators to be placed in more public places.

Learn how to save a life. Learn CPR.

Sign up today for a class near you.

Take Heart South Dakota

Take Heart South Dakota. Learn more.

Learn how to save a life. Learn CPR. Sign up today for a class near you.