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Read more stories from people who have been impacted by breast cancer. 

Edith Sanford

A wife taken from her family too soon. A sister lost. A son forced to grow up without his mother. We have all heard the stories.

We know of victories as well. Of women who persevered, outlasting the disease and going on to raise families and inspire others.

…To take a bold, new approach in breast cancer research and treatment. To end the suffering. To eliminate this disease once and for all…

Meet Edith Sanford

Edith Sanford Breast Cancer will pioneer the future of breast cancer research and care. By piecing together the entire genetic puzzle of each woman, we are discovering how to revolutionize treatment and eradicate breast cancer. We are mobilizing participants—mothers, wives, sisters and daughters—to donate their genetic information as we build an extensive bio bank that will underpin our groundbreaking research. As we decode this deadly disease, we will know more specifically what treatments will work for each patient, how to prevent disease on an individual basis, and ultimately, how to find a cure.

Your DNA

We believe the key to the cure is inside of each woman. It's in your very DNA. You can help us put an end to breast cancer by contributing your genetic information to our bio bank—a central repository for DNA from women of all ages, medical histories and backgrounds. As you help us build the bio bank, you are directly empowering our researchers with the information necessary for a breast cancer breakthrough.

Your Gift

For all of us who have been touched by breast cancer, this new effort offers fresh hope. Yet our shared mission can only be realized if we join together—not only to contribute our DNA but also to give of our financial resources. Please consider making a gift to Edith Sanford Breast Cancer, joining T. Denny Sanford, who founded the movement in honor of his mother, Edith, who died of breast cancer when he was just four years old. We have the foundation in place, and now we need your help to propel Edith Sanford Breast Cancer as we pursue a bold new direction for breast cancer research and treatment. Help us put an end to this disease.

Care. Hope. Cure.

Hear some of the Sanford stories behind Edith Sanford Breast Cancer, and learn why our organization is both compelled and prepared to take on this bold effort in breast cancer research and care.

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