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Private Video Streaming

While it likely isn't possible for you to be at your child's bedside 24/7, we want you to have the opportunity to check in on your baby at any time. Our private video streaming – NICUcam– available only to families who doctor at Sanford Children's allows you to do just that. You can access the private, password-protected video of your baby anywhere there's Internet access.

Families who sign up for NICUcam video streaming say it relieves their anxieties and strengthens the bond with their babies despite the distance barrier.

Moms have even said they were able to produce breast milk just by being able to observe their babies through NICUcam.

NICUcam provides peace of mind and a virtual way to connect and bond when being at the bedside isn't an option. NICUcam is private and only your family and people you want to see the video can have access to your site.

Close friends and family living anywhere in the world can see your baby if you choose to share access to your private NICUcam video streaming with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Let your infant's nurse or doctor know that you are interested in having access to NICUcam. You will then call the NICU and ask a nurse to set up a 30-minute time to view your baby via NICUcam. The nurse will provide you with a password to the private streaming video. The nurse on duty with then connect the camera next to your baby's bed. He or she will stay on the phone until you have a good view of your child.

How long can I view my baby?

You can see your baby on NICUcam for 30 minutes a day.

What will I see?

When you view your baby via NICUcam, you will see your infant resting or sleeping. We will not show you streaming video of procedures or caregiving. The camera will be pointed directly at your baby, and you will not be allowed to see other areas of the NICU.

Can anyone see my baby?

Only you and others you want to have access to your NICUcam will have access to the video. You set up a secure web camera password and ID. Viewing is safe and secure, and only you will have the sign on information.

Can the NICUCam video viewer work on all web browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.?

The NICUCam video viewer requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or newer.