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Nursing Loan Forgiveness Program

For more than 100 years Sanford Chamberlain has been dedicated to excellence in providing healthcare and education to our region. At Sanford Medical Center Chamberlain excellence is not just a label; it is the cornerstone of our healthcare delivery. Today that steadfast commitment continues to be strong.

Because of that committment, we have established the Sanford Chamberlain Health Scholar Loan Forgiveness Program. This is a financial gift to assist nursing students with the expenses associated with completion of their nursing degree. In return of this gift, they agree to a full-time work commitment as a Registered Nurse at Sanford Medical Center in Chamberlain for a period of time as defined in the Summary Program Description.

At Sanford Chamberlain, we pride ourselves on the high levels of clinical care each patient receives, as well as the expertise of our staff. We are truly dedicated to fostering educational opportunities for nursing students. Applications are due 3 months before the start of your next semester of school. For more information, contact Dotty Hieb at (605) 234-7178.

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Loan Forgiveness Program

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