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Nursing positions

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Anesthesia Tech - Bismarck Anesthesia

CHHA - Home Health Services Bismarck

Clinical Peer Review Coordinator - Bismarck

Clinical Supervisor - ENT & Allergy Clinics

Clinical Supervisor - South Clinic

CMA-Mandan Continuing Care Center off Collins

CMA-Mandan Sunset Continuing Care Center

CNA - 6E Childrens Hospital Bismarck

CNA - Bismarck St. Vincents Continuing Care Center

CNA - Mandan Sunset Drive Continuing Care Center

CNA - Minot Family Practice NW

CNA - Pediatric Downtown Clinic Bismarck

CNA/Phlebotomist - Bismarck Family Downtown Clinic

CNA/Psych Technician- 7W Psych


CNA-3SE Ortho Joint Replacement Center-Bismarck Sanford

CNA-4NE Neuro/Spine-Bismarck Sanford Health

CNA-4NW General Surgical Bismarck

CNA-4SE Rapid Evaluation and Treatment

CNA-6W Rehab

CNA-7E Oncology

CNA-Bismarck Sanford Endoscopy

CNA-Bismarck Surgery

CNA-Dickinson Clinic

CNA-Mandan Care Center off Collins

CNA-Unit Secretary - 6E Childrens Hospital Bismarck

CNA-Unit Secretary-2SE

CNA-Unit Secretary-4NE Neuro/Spine-Bismarck Sanford Health

CNA-Unit Secretary-Bismarck Birth Center

CNA-Unit Secretary-Same Day Surgery

Dialysis Tech-Fort Yates Dialysis

GN- 4NW General Surgical

GN-2SE Cardiac/Telemetry

GN-3SE Ortho Joint Replacement Center-Bismarck Sanford

GN-4 NE Neuro Spine

GN-4SE Rapid Evaluation and Treatment

GN-Birth Center

GN-Childrens Hospital


GN-Emergency & Trauma Center





GN-Rehabilitation Center

GN-St. Vincents Continuing Care Center

GN-Sunset Drive Continuing Care Center


LPN - Dialysis

LPN - Home Health & Hospice

LPN - Minot Occupational Medicine/Family Medicine

LPN Ambulatory West - Minot Family Practice NW

LPN/RN - Bismarck Pediatric Clinic North

LPN/RN - Dermatology Clinic

LPN/RN - Dickinson Walk In Clinic

LPN/RN - Minot Primary Care Clinic

LPN/RN - Nephrology Clinic

LPN/RN - St Vincents Care Center

LPN/RN Ambulatory - ENT Clinic

LPN/RN Ambulatory-Bismarck North Clinic

LPN/RN Ambulatory-Bismarck South Clinic

LPN/RN Ambulatory-West Outreach

LPN/RN- Bismarck North Walk In Clinic

LPN/RN- East Mandan Clinic

LPN/RN- North Mandan Clinic

LPN/RN-Bismarck Internal Medicine Clinic

LPN/RN-Dickinson Clinic

LPN/RN-Downtown Walk In Clinic

LPN/RN-Gastroenterology Clinic

LPN/RN-Onsite Services Nurse-Bismarck Occupational Medicine Clinic

LPN/RN-Sanford on Sunset

RN - 3SE Ortho Joint Replacement Center-Bismarck Sanford

RN - 4NW General Surgical Bismarck

RN - Hospital

RN /LPN - St Vincents Care Center

RN- 4NE Neuro/Spine Center - Bismarck Sanford Health

RN Ambulatory West - Minot Family Practice NW

RN- Bismarck Dialysis Chronic

RN Health Coach - Bismarck South Clinic

RN Health Coach - Minot Clinic

RN Health Coach-Dickinson Clinic

RN Special Procedures - Bismarck Family Practice

RN Special Procedures- Bismarck Oncology Clinic

RN Special Procedures-Cardiology Clinic

RN Special Procedures-Plastic Surgery Bismarck

RN Transition Coord - QRI

RN Travel

RN Weekend Status - Home Health

RN Weekend Status - Oncology

RN/LPN-Mandan Care Center Off Collins

RN/LPN-Sanford on Sunset

RN/Resident Care Coordinator-Mandan Sunset Drive Continuing Care Center

RN-2SE Cardiac

RN-4NW Weekend Status Bismarck

RN-4SE Rapid Evaluation and Treatment

RN-6W Rehab Nursing

RN-Acute Dialysis Bismarck

RN-Administrative Associate/One Call - Bismarck

RN-Bismarck Birth Center

RN-Bismarck Emergency Department

RN-Bismarck Home Health & Hospice

RN-Dickinson Walk In Clinic


RN-Jamestown Dialysis




RN-Pediatrics-Bismarck Childrens Hospital


RN-Same Day Surgery

RN-Special Procedures- Mandan North Clinic



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