Making an Impact on Women's

Late last year, Dr. Peter Klemin, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, presented two options to Sara Jacobson regarding the health of her uterus. She could wait two to five years to reach menopause or choose hysterectomy surgery. Tests revealed the lining in Jacobson’s uterus was thickening and causing excessive bleeding. It was also abnormally large and she had severe pelvic scar tissue.

“I knew that I could not and would not wait for option one,” she said. “I jumped at the chance for the hysterectomy.”

Jacobson said her menstrual cycles were always regular and predictable, but they were becoming more sporadic and frequent in the last two to three years. It interrupted her life.

“I would think my period was done and then a couple days later it would start again,” she said. “I had to be prepared whenever and wherever I was. This was especially difficult when we would go someplace.”

Jacobson said she felt comfortable choosing the surgery because of the da Vinci® Surgical System available at Sanford Bismarck. “I was excited about the use of the da Vinci® equipment for my surgery,” she said. “I had been reading about it on the Internet and was impressed with its capabilities. I also knew that Dr. Klemin had been trained on it and I trusted what he could do.”

The da Vinci® Surgical System allows surgeons to perform complex procedures, such as a hysterectomy, in a minimally invasive fashion using tiny incisions instead of a larger one. Although it is a robot, surgeons control every movement of its enhanced features, including high definition 3-D vision, a magnified view via a small camera inserted into the body and complex movements using instruments a human hand or wrist cannot do.

Patients benefit with significantly less pain, blood loss and scarring and a shorter recovery time. They often stay in the hospital for 24 hours and return to work in two weeks.

Jacobson went home one day after the da Vinci® surgery in October 2012 and returned to work part time four weeks after her complex surgery, concluding a successful experience at Sanford Bismarck.

“Someone was always with me during the preparation for my surgery, keeping me from getting too nervous,” Jacobson said. “Any time I needed anything, a nurse was there at a moment’s notice, and Dr. Klemin is absolutely wonderful! He always answered all my questions, giving me all the pertinent information, but giving me hope that I could and would be fixed.”

Today, Jacobson said she feels like a different person. “I am not worrying about the things I was last year at this time,” she said.

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Posted Date: November 2013

Making an Impact on Women's

Sara Jacobson was given two choices regarding the health of her uterus. She chose hysterectomy surgery using new state-of-the-art equipment – the da Vinci® Surgical System.