Celebrating Life

Growing up during the Depression, on a farm near Wadena, Minn., Marvin Ward learned the value of hard work and helping others. These values led him to commit $500,000 to the Building Tomorrow Today campaign in November 2013.

Ward’s gift will celebrate the life of his wife, Donna, who died in 2012, and will name The Ward Family Pediatric Wing at the new Sanford Fargo Medical Center. The endowment will also celebrate the healthy futures of children treated at Sanford Children’s Hospital in Fargo. “Donna and I were so blessed and wanted to show our support for these children,” Ward said. “She always had an interest in the Children’s Hospital and the services it provided.” Ward’s endowment demonstrates his and Donna’s commitment to and compassion for children, while ensuring they have access to the very best health care close to their homes and families.

Gifts to Sanford Children’s Hospital in Fargo provide cutting-edge technology for precision in diagnosis and treatment, as well as specialized programs to help children cope with their diagnoses. Philanthropy also ensures additional training and certification for physicians and nurses, allowing them to deliver unprecedented care to children and their families. “Donna and I have always thought the children’s hospital was an excellent resource for our community and surrounding areas – not every facility can handle these types of cases,” Ward said. “It’s important for families to be able to stay close to home when their child needs special care.”

Marvin, an active community member, enjoys participating in and supporting local organizations. He has traveled to El Salvador, Mexico, Costa Rica and Iceland on mission trips organized through his church. While building schools and churches on these trips, he gained a deeper understanding of the importance of helping others in his own community.

“It’s very rewarding to give to a worthwhile cause; we want to help others in need. And we want everyone to see the benefit giving back has on our communities and children,” Ward said, who hopes his gift will encourage others in the community to make a difference. “Marvin’s compassion for children and their families is evident through his impactful gift to the Building Tomorrow Today Campaign,” said Sanford Health Foundation Vice President Lonnie Pederson. “Children from throughout the region will now be able to celebrate their healthy futures because of his gift. Marvin’s generosity and leadership will provide health and healing for countless children at Sanford Health."

To make a significant impact on the lives of others, contact the Sanford Health Foundation at (701) 234-6246.

Posted Date: March 2014

Celebrating Life

Growing up during the Depression, Marvin Ward learned the value of hard work and helping others. These values led him to commit $500,000 to the Building Tomorrow Today campaign.