Transfer or Request Medical Records – Sioux Falls Region

If you are requesting medical records from one of the Sanford Sioux Falls locations, please follow these steps. You must be 18 years of age or the parent/legal guardian to request copies of a medical record.

  1. Download and print authorization form (see link below).
  2. Fill out the form in its entirety.
    • Be as specific as you can about the information that you'd like released (e.g. specific provider/location, specific dates of service, specific treatment, just immunizations, etc.)
  3. Please mail your authorization directly to the following address:

    Sanford Health
    c/o Release of Information
    1305 W 18th Street
    Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5039.

  4. There is no charge for copies of a patient medical record given directly to the patient or another healthcare provider.

Please be advised that physicians within the Sanford Health system can see your medical records via our internal electronic medical records system. Unless directed, you do NOT need to request a transfer of records if you are seeing a doctor at another Sanford Health location.

Release of Information Authorization Form

For general questions, please contact (605) 333-6456 / Toll Free (800) 949-0658.

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