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Baby Name Birthday Parent(s) Facility
Harlow 2/16/2015 Rebecca and Jonathan Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Edwin 2/16/2015 Anna and Charley Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Mayzee 2/16/2015 Brekka and Garrett Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Nathan 2/15/2015 Shantel and Stan Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Bentley 2/15/2015 Sara and John Sanford USD Medical Center
Kinzleigh 2/15/2015 Amanda and Jeff Sanford USD Medical Center
Carson 2/15/2015 Allie and Michael Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Anna 2/15/2015 Jessica and Travis Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
David 2/15/2015 Annie and Chris Sanford USD Medical Center
David 2/15/2015 Sharnell and Alan Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Avery 2/15/2015 Donata and Jacob Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Kade 2/15/2015 Jessica and Josh Sanford USD Medical Center
Jessica 2/15/2015 Allison and Joseph Sanford USD Medical Center
Ireland 2/15/2015 Michelle and Kelly Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Oaklen 2/15/2015 Michelle and Kelly Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Faye 2/15/2015 Hilary and Derek Sanford USD Medical Center
Kate 2/15/2015 Amy R. and Lucas B. Sanford USD Medical Center
Grace 2/14/2015 Shelly and Jason Sanford Thief River Falls Medical Center
Zachary 2/14/2015 Bethany and Charlie Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Rulani 2/14/2015 Bontu and Duresa Sanford USD Medical Center
Bentley 2/14/2015 Leah and Adam Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Addison 2/14/2015 Amanda and Kevin Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Lakota 2/14/2015 Kelsey and David Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Anders 2/14/2015 Deborah and Joshua Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Landen 2/14/2015 Hope and Matthew Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Libby 2/14/2015 Kelly and Mike Sanford USD Medical Center
Javier 2/14/2015 Olivia and Ivan Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Willow 2/14/2015 Kirsten and Zachary Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Kenna 2/14/2015 Brooke and Kevin Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Olive 2/14/2015 Lindsay and Nathan Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Annabelle 2/14/2015 Victoria and Jean-Pierre Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Todd 2/13/2015 Kinsey and Todd Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Samuel 2/13/2015 Brandi and Sean Sanford USD Medical Center
Ray 2/13/2015 Cassie and Jeffrey Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Luke 2/13/2015 Alicia and Craig Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Signe 2/13/2015 Kayla and Daniel Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Temperance 2/13/2015 Darlene and Jared Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Nevaeh 2/13/2015 Paige and Josh Sanford Thief River Falls Medical Center
Austin 2/13/2015 Jessica and Robbie Sanford USD Medical Center
Landon 2/13/2015 Nicole and Shawn Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Beckett 2/12/2015 Alison and Aaron Sanford Thief River Falls Medical Center
Camden 2/12/2015 Ashlie and Nathan Sanford Medical Center Fargo
KayLynn 2/12/2015 Roselyn and Karl Sanford USD Medical Center
Micah 2/12/2015 Jessica and Robbie Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Olivia 2/12/2015 Laura and Nicholas Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Benna 2/12/2015 Leah and Striker Sanford Thief River Falls Medical Center
Sophie 2/12/2015 Rose and Mike Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Kieran 2/12/2015 Amber and Ryan Sanford USD Medical Center
Kingston 2/12/2015 Jamielee and Clinton Sanford USD Medical Center
Doniella 2/12/2015 Alicia and Skyler Sanford USD Medical Center
Graham 2/12/2015 Laci and Jaime Sanford USD Medical Center
Emma 2/12/2015 Rachel and Emanuel Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Winter 2/11/2015 Korey and Brendon Sanford USD Medical Center
Emerson 2/10/2015 Reka and AJ Sanford USD Medical Center
Kaden 2/9/2015 Christin and Jeremy Sanford Thief River Falls Medical Center
Miksuya Olowan 2/9/2015 Tera and Adrian Sanford USD Medical Center
Easton 1/30/2015 Jena and Craig Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Jacob 1/28/2015 Bobbie Sanford USD Medical Center
Paisley 1/23/2015 Shanna and Chad Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Conner 1/22/2015 Katie and Mike Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Elliot 1/4/2015 Ashlynn Sanford USD Medical Center
Beckham and Bode 1/4/2015 Lindsey and Brian Sanford USD Medical Center
Nora 2/16/2011 Heather and Shawn Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Josslyn 5/21/2005 Tessa and Justin Sanford Thief River Falls Medical Center
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Results 4201 - 4254 of 4254

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