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Baby Name Birthday Parent(s) Facility
Jocelyn 10/10/2013 Heather and Kevin Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Mallory 10/9/2013 Justine and Andrew Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Maci 10/9/2013 Katie and Alec Sanford Health Thief River Falls Downtown Campus
Cora 10/9/2013 Jindsay and Garret Sanford Health Thief River Falls Downtown Campus
Sawyer 10/8/2013 Kanisha and Gabriel Sanford Health Thief River Falls Downtown Campus
Jalen 10/7/2013 Lisa Sanford USD Medical Center
Noah 10/7/2013 Lisa Sanford USD Medical Center
Alexander 10/7/2013 Lenora and Robert Sanford Health Thief River Falls Downtown Campus
Gabriel 10/7/2013 Amanda and Jared Sanford Health Thief River Falls Downtown Campus
Ivy 10/1/2013 Kaylee and John Sanford USD Medical Center
Emily 10/1/2013 Kathleen and Robert Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Caden 9/28/2013 Monica and Jeremy Sanford USD Medical Center
Rylee 9/27/2013 Lisa and Randy Sanford USD Medical Center
Elijah 9/7/2013 Melissa and Preston Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Alexis 9/1/2013 Cassie and Danny Sanford USD Medical Center
Brody 8/21/2013 Tonya and Doug Sanford USD Medical Center
Jace 8/14/2013 Melonie and Ryan Sanford USD Medical Center
Kane and Kira 8/14/2013 Taneka and Travis Sanford USD Medical Center
Avery 6/29/2013 Crystal and Terry Sanford USD Medical Center
Leo and Lionel 6/24/2013 Amber and Leo Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Noah 4/13/2013 Melissa and Monty Sanford USD Medical Center
Bethel 3/27/2013 Freweini and Mulugeta Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Emma 2/13/2013 Kim and Mike Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Selena 3/6/2012 Marlana and Scott Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Nora 2/16/2011 Heather and Shawn Sanford Medical Center Fargo
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Results 3901 - 3878 of 3878

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