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Baby Name Birthday Parent(s) Facility
Nikolai 9/25/2014 Brittany and Zachary Sanford USD Medical Center
Josette 9/25/2014 Alexandra and Eric Sanford USD Medical Center
Adelyn 9/25/2014 Brittany and Justin Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Avery 9/25/2014 Elizabeth and James Sanford USD Medical Center
Mason 9/25/2014 Monica and Allen Sanford USD Medical Center
Dallas 9/25/2014 Rochelle and Ty Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Charlee 9/25/2014 Laura and Seth Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Quincy 9/25/2014 Kayla and BJ Sanford USD Medical Center
Keighlor 9/25/2014 Ashley and Ethan Sanford USD Medical Center
Araceli 9/25/2014 Aleida and Jacinto Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Sophia 9/25/2014 Ashly and Josh Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Stella 9/25/2014 Kayla and Bernard Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Dawsyn 9/25/2014 Lolette and Steve Sanford USD Medical Center
Eric 9/25/2014 Sherri and Derek Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Zoe 9/25/2014 Talana and Rodney Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Lilly 9/24/2014 Nicole and Kyle Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Alex 9/24/2014 Naomi and Alex Sanford USD Medical Center
Emma 9/24/2014 Jacqueline and Michael Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Ryley 9/24/2014 Sarah Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Brady 9/24/2014 Amber and Tyson Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Easton 9/24/2014 Alicia and Mark Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Tiegen 9/24/2014 Kristi and Brian Sanford USD Medical Center
Maxwell 9/24/2014 Kristyn and Phill Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Ryan 9/24/2014 Jessica and Chris Sanford USD Medical Center
Zaylee 9/24/2014 Melissa and Adam Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Mason 9/24/2014 Abigail and Marshall Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Riley 9/24/2014 Amanda and Tyler Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Mykolas 9/24/2014 Sonata and Romas Sanford USD Medical Center
Jaelynn 9/24/2014 Joette and Bruce Sanford Health Thief River Falls Downtown Campus
Elias 9/24/2014 Holli and Tony Sanford USD Medical Center
Isla 9/24/2014 Elizabeth and Emmett Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Adonya 9/24/2014 Tanya and Don Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Elizabeth 9/24/2014 Sadie and Nathan Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Malachi 9/24/2014 Jasmine and Michael Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Everly 9/24/2014 Chrystal and Jason Sanford USD Medical Center
Jaxon 9/23/2014 RaeLynn and Raymond Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Odelia 9/23/2014 Trista and Hunter Sanford USD Medical Center
Knox 9/23/2014 Sara and Brian Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Aubrey 9/23/2014 Stephanie and William Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Blakely 9/23/2014 Allison and Gus Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Witton 9/23/2014 Kim and Jerry Sanford USD Medical Center
Anthony 9/23/2014 Patricia and Emmanuel Sanford USD Medical Center
Wyatt 9/23/2014 Brittany and Brent Sanford USD Medical Center
TyRay 9/23/2014 Ronni Sanford USD Medical Center
Tamara 9/23/2014 Cecilia and Duomo Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Renner 9/23/2014 Melissa and Bobby Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Wesley 9/23/2014 Mikaela and Mitchell Sanford USD Medical Center
Zyanne 9/23/2014 Ashley and Dustin Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Natalie 9/23/2014 Jennifer and Mory Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Ariana 9/23/2014 Crystal and Preston Sanford USD Medical Center
Finn 9/23/2014 Sherrie and Stephen Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Brylie 9/23/2014 Chrissy and Adam Sanford Health Thief River Falls Downtown Campus
Tinnley 9/23/2014 Kerry and Scott Sanford USD Medical Center
Kendal 9/23/2014 Ninth and Kevin Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Tyler 9/22/2014 Ginger and Jason Sanford USD Medical Center
Ty 9/22/2014 Roxy and Josh Sanford USD Medical Center
Ryder 9/22/2014 Emily and Michael Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Bailey 9/22/2014 Jessie and Nevada Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Daniel 9/22/2014 Lacey and Daniel Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Charles 9/22/2014 Danielle and Timothy Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Genevieve 9/22/2014 Kirsten and Chris Sanford Medical Center Fargo
June 9/22/2014 Amanda and Phil Sanford USD Medical Center
Gabriel 9/22/2014 Katie and Brian Sanford Health Thief River Falls Downtown Campus
Eli 9/22/2014 Kate and Shane Sanford USD Medical Center
Fischer 9/22/2014 Lacey and Adam Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Hailey 9/22/2014 Mandy and Cody Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Tucker 9/21/2014 Paige and Clint Sanford USD Medical Center
Fallon 9/21/2014 Janna and Dallas Sanford USD Medical Center
Ari 9/21/2014 Lindsey and Brandon Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Gavyn 9/21/2014 Amanda and Jared Sanford USD Medical Center
Xander 9/21/2014 Sydney and Joshua Sanford USD Medical Center
Kail 9/21/2014 Jessica and Dustin Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Hazel 9/21/2014 Rachel and Dustin Sanford USD Medical Center
Kona 9/21/2014 Bobbi Jo and Justin Sanford USD Medical Center
Carter 9/21/2014 Paula and Dustin Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Adair 9/20/2014 Meghan and Scott Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Grayson 9/20/2014 Simone and Timothy Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Elizabeth 9/20/2014 Casey and Christopher Sanford USD Medical Center
Ellie 9/20/2014 Jenna and Tyson Sanford USD Medical Center
Hadley 9/20/2014 Jessica and Darin Sanford USD Medical Center
Evelyn 9/20/2014 Lindsay and Joshua Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Carson 9/20/2014 Amy and Andrew Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Alida 9/20/2014 Katy and Kyle Sanford USD Medical Center
Colton 9/20/2014 Genna and Jason Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Jase 9/20/2014 Kim and Chris Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Ian 9/19/2014 Annie and Dan Sanford USD Medical Center
Sophia 9/19/2014 Sabrina and Kiel Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Isla 9/19/2014 Heather and Jeffrey Sanford USD Medical Center
Mina 9/19/2014 Hala and Methaq Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Adilynn 9/19/2014 Mehgan and Matthew Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Evelynn 9/19/2014 Kari and Luke Sanford USD Medical Center
Emily 9/19/2014 Michelle and Duane Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Rias 9/19/2014 Kathleen and Robert Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Rye 9/19/2014 Ashley and Walker Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Noah 9/19/2014 Christine and Aaron Sanford USD Medical Center
Sadie 9/19/2014 Elizabeth and Matthew Sanford Health Thief River Falls Downtown Campus
Hayden 9/19/2014 Arie and Chris Sanford USD Medical Center
Elyn 9/19/2014 Amber and Eric Sanford USD Medical Center
Eva 9/19/2014 Sarah and Edward Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Lareina 9/19/2014 Barakamfitiye and Bigirimana Sanford Medical Center Fargo
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