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Baby Name Birthday Parent(s) Facility
Lola 12/11/2014 Ericka and Chad Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Oliver 12/11/2014 Bailee and Zack Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Scarlett 12/10/2014 Briana and Nathan Sanford USD Medical Center
Kylee 12/10/2014 Amy and Matt Sanford USD Medical Center
Aiden 12/10/2014 Kalie and Chris Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Augustus 12/10/2014 Chipo and Augustus Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Talia 12/10/2014 Hilda and Michael Sanford USD Medical Center
Richnell 12/10/2014 Dearest Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Liam and Violet 12/10/2014 Jacquelyn and Bert Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Xavier 12/10/2014 Janelle and Jared Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Griffin 12/10/2014 Vanessa and Scott Sanford USD Medical Center
Tallen 12/10/2014 Lindsay and Tim Sanford USD Medical Center
Ophelic 12/10/2014 Olivia Sanford USD Medical Center
Emerson 12/10/2014 Erin and Ernest Sanford USD Medical Center
Baron 12/10/2014 Katie and Ryan Sanford USD Medical Center
Tracey 12/10/2014 Brittany and Travis Sanford USD Medical Center
Logan 12/9/2014 Sabrina and Jon Sanford USD Medical Center
Mitchell 12/9/2014 Britney and Andrew Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Matthew 12/9/2014 Nicole and Michael Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Waldemar 12/9/2014 Jonell and Levi Sanford Medical Center Broadway
James 12/9/2014 Desire Sanford USD Medical Center
Alivia 12/9/2014 Ruby and Chad Sanford USD Medical Center
Blake 12/9/2014 Emily and Troy Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Tucker 12/8/2014 Crystal and Sean Sanford USD Medical Center
K. 12/8/2014 Jessica and Colin Sanford USD Medical Center
Cecilia 12/8/2014 Shelby Hintze and Tyler Sanford USD Medical Center
Jace 12/8/2014 Corinna and Michael Sanford USD Medical Center
Michael 12/8/2014 Toni and Adam Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Lucas 12/8/2014 Jill and Michael Sanford USD Medical Center
Madelyn 12/8/2014 Memory and Chad Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Eleanor 12/8/2014 Casey and Pete Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Ethan 12/8/2014 Heidi and Ryan Sanford USD Medical Center
Hunter 12/8/2014 Cindy and Tim Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Kinzlee 12/8/2014 Autumn and Kerry Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Ellis, Vance, and Bennett 12/8/2014 Jenna and Brent Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Beau 12/8/2014 Holly and Josh Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Stephen 12/8/2014 Sowmya and Sandeep Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Jonathan 12/8/2014 Alyssa and Jonathan Sanford USD Medical Center
Gannon 12/7/2014 Lacie and Ryan Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Elizabeth 12/7/2014 Shanna and Ira Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
McKaley 12/6/2014 Mona and Cyrus Sanford USD Medical Center
Robert 12/6/2014 Sasha and Robert Sanford USD Medical Center
Ramona 12/6/2014 Hollie and Garret Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Kaylee 12/6/2014 Melissa and Arlyn Sanford USD Medical Center
Hazel 12/6/2014 Chelsey and Turner Sanford Health Thief River Falls Downtown Campus
Jordyn 12/6/2014 Courtney and Drew Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Macy 12/6/2014 Lindsey and Austin Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Abby and Abel 12/6/2014 Amy and Barry Sanford USD Medical Center
Sydney 12/6/2014 Krista and Andy Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Sierra 12/6/2014 Jessica and Sean Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Shalin 12/6/2014 Santa and Lachu Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Luke 12/6/2014 Kimberly and Tyler Sanford USD Medical Center
Jazbel 12/6/2014 Jessica and Jose Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Willa 12/5/2014 Brittaney and Scott Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Audrey 12/5/2014 Carolyn and Peter Sanford USD Medical Center
Carter 12/5/2014 Ashley and Timothy Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Loki 12/5/2014 Paige and Carleton Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Jamie 12/5/2014 Brittney and Jamie Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Catalina 12/5/2014 Savannah Sanford USD Medical Center
Cayden 12/5/2014 Brittany and Cody Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Claire 12/5/2014 Melissa and Rial Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Olivia 12/5/2014 Sara and James Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Jordyn 12/5/2014 Megan and Floyd Sanford USD Medical Center
Olivia 12/5/2014 Anumba and Uchem Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Aaliyah 12/5/2014 Nichole and David Sanford USD Medical Center
Lillian 12/5/2014 Ashley and Joshua Sanford USD Medical Center
Jessalyn 12/5/2014 Jessica and John Sanford USD Medical Center
William 12/5/2014 Alyson and Mark Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Violet 12/5/2014 Alexia and Nik Sanford Health Thief River Falls Downtown Campus
Benjamin 12/5/2014 Emily and Ethan Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Charlotte 12/5/2014 Kenda and Graham Sanford USD Medical Center
Tason 12/4/2014 Tracy and Josh Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Ella 12/4/2014 Emily and Patrick Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Meadow 12/4/2014 Andrea and Aaron Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Leah 12/4/2014 Amanda and Jason Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Luke 12/4/2014 Tonia and Beau Sanford Medical Center Broadway
John 12/4/2014 Jennifer and Travis Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Peyton 12/4/2014 Amber and Levi Sanford USD Medical Center
Alexa 12/4/2014 Jessica and Chad Sanford USD Medical Center
Laikyn 12/4/2014 Stephanie and Kyle Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Cooper 12/4/2014 Sarah and Donivan Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Marchesa 12/4/2014 Alma and Martin Sanford USD Medical Center
Mataya 12/4/2014 Dawn and Jeremy Sanford USD Medical Center
Annabel 12/4/2014 Shana and Matthew Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Kenlee and Sterling 12/4/2014 Jennifer and Patrick Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Zoey 12/4/2014 Julie and Zachary Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Stella 12/4/2014 Lindsey and Dan Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Madelyn 12/3/2014 Anna and Catarino Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Thatcher 12/3/2014 Ashley and Scott Sanford USD Medical Center
Ariel 12/3/2014 Shanita Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Michael 12/3/2014 Amanda and Shane Sanford USD Medical Center
Conner 12/3/2014 Angela and Thomas Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Conner 12/3/2014 Sarah and Kyle Sanford Medical Center Broadway
Dominic 12/3/2014 Brandy and Jason Sanford Medical Center Bismarck
Myles 12/3/2014 Stephanie and Ryan Sanford USD Medical Center
Ellie 12/3/2014 Brianna and Nicholas Sanford USD Medical Center
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