Electromyography/Nerve Conduction Studies

Electromyography is a test performed by a physician using tiny needles connected to an “EMG” machine. The physician performing the test will listen to and observe the electrical signals that are recorded by the EMG machine. He or she then evaluates the test results based on their special training to identify specific muscles or nerves that are affected by the problem.

Nerve conduction studies are tests conducted by physicians to determine the speed electrical impulses travel nerve pathways in your arms or legs. Small electrical impulses are administered to the nerve and recordings are taken to determine the health of the nerve. The physician may test several nerves. The patient will sense a rapid tingling in the area of the test.

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Christopher Janssen, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr. Janssen specializes in physical medicine & rehabilitation as well as spine medicine. He has expertise in non-surgical spine and pain care, physical therapy prescription, medication management, and image-guided spinal procedures. His goal is to help patients reduce or eliminate pain whenever possible.

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