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Breast Health Patient Stories

An Informed Choice

Johna Kern knew that three generations of women in her family had faced ovarian and breast cancer and she’d always wondered when she would face the disease. She had choices to make and Edith Sanford Breast Specialty Clinic gave her the knowledge she needed.

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Beyond Survival

After Nancy Callender’s treatment for breast cancer was done, she knew she was supposed to celebrate, but instead she felt like she was “free falling.” How would embrace Cancer Survivorship Clinic help her make a transition to a good life after cancer?

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A Mom’s Support Team

Living at a house with five boys, Kim Jansen knew that she couldn’t let breast cancer keep her down. Her own attention to her breast health and great follow-up treatment at Sanford Health will let this mom nurture her family for years to come.

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Images of Life

DeAnn O'Hara expected the tiredness and nausea of early pregnancy. But the diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer? See how a complete medical team comes together to save not one life but two.

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