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The Sanford Health Referral Center makes it easy to for you to find just the right colleague for your patient's needs. When you call the referral center, your request will be taken and the right specialist to care for your patient will quickly be found. The referral center does all the legwork, contacting the specialist’s clinic and assisting in making the patient’s appointment. This leaves you to focus on what you do best, providing excellent care to your patients.

Call (844) 851-1515 or (605) 333-1515 or email the Sanford Health Referral Center to set up a specialty appointment for your patient today.

Referral Information Forms

Referral/Consultation Request Form

To ensure continuity of care for the patient and to clarify if the request is for an opinion or transfer of care, please use the Referral /Consultation Request Form and fax to the appropriate department when scheduling an appointment.

Cardiac CTA Referral Form

To refer a patient for a cardiac CTA, use the CCTA Physician Referral Forms below.

Referral Form for PET/CT

To refer a patient for a PET/CT scan, use the Referring Physician PET/CT - Ordering Form.

PICU Consultation and Transport Criteria

If your patient meets the PICU consultation and transport criteria, refer directly to Sanford Children's PICU by calling (800) 437-4010 and asking for the pediatric intensivist on call.

NICU Consultation and Transport

Neonatal emergency medical information. If you need to consult with or refer to Sanford Children's NICU call (800) 443-4779 (Press #1).