Year of the Nurse

National Public Policy Trip Deemed a Success

During the second week of May, three Sanford nurses were able to take advantage of a unique YON opportunity. They traveled to Washington D.C. to see first-hand how Sanford's Office of Public Policy interacts with the legislative process.

The trip, made by Brenda Arneson (Sanford Fargo Home Health), Jennifer Lamprecht (Sanford Clinical Systems Improvement), and Brenda Olson (Sanford Health Cardiovascular Institute), made an impression on the people met on Capitol Hill. After the experience Cindy Morrison, VP Office of Public Affairs, reported, "I think that those from other health systems were envious of the opportunity and foresight that San-ford had in putting together [this] type of experience. Even the Senators and Representatives were impressed."

While in Washington D.C. the three nurses and Cindy met with several senators and representatives, including all three from South Dakota. They learned that as Sanford representatives, every meeting was a chance to connect with lawmakers and convey the ideas important to healthcare. Brenda Olson noted, "An interesting aspect of this trip was the fact that even the most seemingly casual of lunches or dinners had an underlying business element."

Cindy showed the nurses how to identify key points in a discussion, interpret different communication styles, and identify how interpersonal relationships can affect a topic's discussion. They came away from the experience with profound respect for the integrity and values of the Sanford lobbyists. Jennifer Lamprecht wrote, "After this trip I feel confident that Sanford is well connected and represented by people of high ethical and moral standards. I have a deeper appreciation for the work [Cindy] and her team does. It is easier to see how the work they do truly impacts all of Sanford.

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