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Nursing Gives Back Program

Most of us like to be in charge of our lives and the health care we receive. But if you are seriously ill or dying, you may not be able to speak for yourself and your family may be faced with difficult decisions. Talking with your family about your wishes and completing an advance directive will help. While starting the conversation can be difficult, discussing your wishes for care at end of life can provide comfort for you and direction for your loved ones. This discussion is for all adults, not just those who are elderly or have a progressive illness. Begin the discussion early, and make your wishes known.

National Health Care Decision Day was held on April 16, 2012. Over 100 Sanford Nurses conducted community events on the topic of Health Care Decision Making. Participants were offered the opportunity to complete Health Care Directive Forms and were also provided with detailed information.

A Food Drive being planned to assist Sanford Bemidji in reaching out to one of their service areas where 29% poverty level is recorded. More details to come on this important event.

Please participate. If you're interested in leading this important community event please fill in the form to receive your step-by-step tool kit.

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